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Altruism in a sentence

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Antonym: egoismSimilar words: altruisticcruiserecruitanguishalterdisguisehealthwealthMeaning: ['æltrʊɪzəm]  n. the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others. 
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1. She's not known for her altruism.
2. The strength of altruism lies in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
3. Politicians are not necessarily motivated by pure altruism.
4. He was actuated almost entirely by altruism.
5. The bottom line, he said, is that altruism may rely on a basic understanding that others hae motiations and actions that may be similar to our own.
6. I was torn between altruism and self-interest.
7. Love, altruism - just pretty words.
8. But there is another way to ensure that altruism pays: reciprocity.
9. Kin altruism is therefore seen by sociobiologists as the most basic form of co-operative behaviour.
10. To what extent its reproductive strategies emphasize such altruism depends on the pay-off of such strategies in terms of inclusive fitness.
11. In a flourish of biochemical altruism, they manufacture deadly molecules and then turn this lethal cocktail upon themselves.
12. Apple's altruism was also labelled as a smart ploy to introduce the nation's youngsters to its products.
13. The later florid accounts of altruism and sacrifice by and about missionaries do not do justice to the range of human impulses.
14. There was some measure of idealism and even altruism in this personal concept of my life work.
15. The criteria for reciprocal altruism seem fulfilled as the interactions seem based upon expectations of reciprocation.
16. For reciprocal altruism in mobile animals, as demonstrated by packer in baboons, more is needed.
17. in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
18. Many choose to work in developing countries out of altruism.
19. People participate in the club for reasons of self-interest rather than altruism.
20. What makes the family happiest is when a member behaves with absolute morality-play uprightness, coupled with altruism if possible.
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21. Similarly, many different motives came into play, ranging from political manipulation to the purest altruism.
22. Honesty makes better people and creates human relationships based on trust, integrity, righteousness and altruismDr T.P.Chia 
23. Some may choose to work with vulnerable elderly people out of altruism, and a genuine desire to work with this age group.
24. So, it looks like a promising case for a bit of reciprocal altruism.
25. Loving others is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Altruism that rewards one's self. Allan Lokos 
26. Some have therefore concluded that behaviour in this category can not be termed altruism at all.
27. It is therefore possible to give an account of moral altruism by appeal simply to the principle of natural selection.
28. This is because where selfishness brings higher rewards than altruism, selfish individuals leave more descendants, so altruists inevitably become extinct.
29. The picture that emerges is one of muddle, intrigue, greed and occasionally altruism.
30. Those who helped the group succeed seemed to be guided more by ethnic altruism than by greed.
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