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Zap in a sentence

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Meaning: [zæp]  n. a sudden event that imparts energy or excitement, usually with a dramatic impact. v. 1. strike suddenly and with force 2. kill with or as if with a burst of gunfire or electric current or as if by shooting 3. strike at with firepower or bombs 4. cook or heat in a microwave oven. 
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1. They've got the kind of weapons that can zap the enemy from thousands of miles away.
2. The laser weapons are designed to zap enemy missiles.
3. It's vital to zap stress fast.
4. I really admire her she's so full of zap!
5. She needs to put a bit more zap into her performance.
6. Have I got time to zap into town and do some shopping?
7. Men like to zap the TV channels, something that can drive certain women berserk.
8. Computers identify threats and zap the results back to US pilots in the war zone.
9. Zap off the car; you can't park your car here!
10. Alternatively, use Doom Divers to zap the enemy's artillery before it can damage your core units.
11. So,( it's vital to zap stress fast whenever it threatens to overwhelm you.
12. How did we zap the cancer without killing healthy cells?
13. Zap bikes also appeal to police departments for patrol work.
14. Zap him back to reality.
15. But until they can locate and destroy the ZAP.
16. They gave it another zap of radiation.
17. Bang! Crash! This ZAP certainly was clumsy.
18. Get out! Or she'll zap you into a frog!
19. Is it a ZAP? I asked.
20. What would happen to me if a ZAP got me while I was in the computer?
21. The journey to Victoria usually began in Sze Zap, an area comprising of four districts of Kwangtung in China.
22. ZAP was a very rapid virus with long searching tentacles.
23. The boys in the cartoon were punching each other - wham, zap!
24. Resolve to practise positive thinking instead and choose to ignore or zap any of these unhelpful, wayward thoughts.
25. Never forget that the producer of the program is trying to grab you before you zap away to another news show.
26. The plan is for orbiting laser battle stations which would zap Soviet missiles.
27. When he is underneath the energy trap, charge up the orb to zap him!
28. In March, the court increased his monthly budget to $250, 000 from $75, 000, giving Mr. Feinberg more accountants, examiners and others to pore over records and to zap overcharges.
29. It rewarded patience and precision, mistiming your flip to plant Mario upside-down on the ceiling resulted in a frazzling zap.
30. Feinberg more accountants, examiners and others to pore over records and to zap overcharges.
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