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Scrutinize in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: contemplateexamineinspectlook atobservereviewstudySimilar words: scrutinyinscrutablerevolutionizecrutchscrubionizescrunchdenizenMeaning: ['skruːtnaɪz /-tɪnaɪz]  v. 1. to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail 2. examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification. 
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1) She leaned forward to scrutinize their faces.
2) MPs may lack the necessary expertise to scrutinize legislation effectively.
3) Her purpose was to scrutinize his features to see if he was an honest man.
4) Scrutinize the menu for something exceptional.
5) We must scrutinize and evaluate.
6) And for this we have to scrutinize the comparative process of urban development.
7) Examiners were then chosen to scrutinize the sealed votes and note them down.
8) She could type a complicated text and scrutinize a visitor at the same time.
9) He was like a swimmer who did not scrutinize the water but dove in instantaneously.
10) Sharp plans to scrutinize Texpool after his office takes responsibility for it, Ramsey said.
11) We women look on, we appraise, we scrutinize, we admire, we try to remain calm.
12) They scrutinize recorded songs to determine whether regional dialects exist among those of the same species.
13) We scrutinize the crime scene.
14) You'll also scrutinize how you spend money.
15) Scrutinize every word,[] memorize every line.
16) Scrutinize ourselves with a sense of shame, but view the world with a sense of gratitude.
17) The officer at MOL will vet and scrutinize the documents.
18) Selden had retained her hand, and continued to scrutinize her with a strange sense of foreboding.
19) Suddenly these cliches are scientific questions, as researchers scrutinize the power of positive thinking.
20) We scrutinize the crime scene, collect the evidence recreate what happened without ever having been there.
21) Ideological work in college must scrutinize the fact from the height of strategy and take measures.
22) Carefully complete the operation, the examination questions carefully scrutinize, inspect, for a good grade!
23) Suddenly these clichs are scientific questions, as researchers scrutinize the power of positive thinking.
24) That transaction must be approved by federal regulators, who are expected to scrutinize it closely.
25) It was a pleasure to flog her, to defend her, to scrutinize, criticize and idolize her.
26) This would carry with it a responsibility on their part to help devise the tests, or at least to scrutinize their content.
27) It then enters the committee stage, when standing committees within the House scrutinize the bill.
28) But by the same token it is most likely that in their own interests they would scrutinize the work of contemporary photographers.
29) "In times of hardship like in this economy, people scrutinize immigration, but it's been proven time and time again that immigrants contribute to this economy and our country, " he says.
30) They study my report card the same way they scrutinize the newspaper's stock market page.
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