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Semicolon in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: coloncolonycolonialcolonialismtorticollisseminaranemicpandemicMeaning: n. a punctuation mark (`;') used to connect independent clauses; indicates a closer relation than does a period. 
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1. A semicolon following a prompt string is an acceptable alternative to a comma.
2. A spurious semicolon has lost its defiant power to separate life from death.
3. Using subscript comma and subscript semicolon notation a standard space-time derivative is written whilst a covariant derivative is written.
4. Whenever you use a semicolon, note that you also had the option of using a full stop instead.
5. Specify comma, tab, semicolon, or another character.
6. Separate multiple warning numbers with a comma or semicolon.
7. The procedure should be end with semicolon.
8. In Java, each statement ends with a semicolon.
9. Ending Statements With a Semicolon?
10. We don't use the semicolon in our tutorials.
11. An empty statement. Indicated by a single semicolon.
12. Postscript, a perfect semicolon, to start a new journey.
13. Semicolon at the last line terminates the rule.
14. The recipients'mail address should not include any comma, semicolon or sign.
15. Always include a semicolon at the end of the job definition.
16. An expression followed by a semicolon. An expression statement causes the expression to be evaluated.
17. The entire statement is terminated with a semicolon after the closing parenthesis.
18. Specifies a semicolon - delimited list of directories to clean.
19. The semicolon is an or operator between each function definition.
20. A semicolon was found after a control statement that contains no instructions.
21. In Erlang, you separate these statements using a semicolon,[sentencedict .com] so the basic Fibonacci function can be defined as shown in Listing 2.
22. Rather it was a fiery punctuation mark, a coal-like comma, or salamander semicolon, in a continuing story.
23. This error is also known as a run-on sentence. The error can sometimes be corrected by adding a period, semicolon, or colon to separate the two sentences.
24. Generally, you can use any delimiter, such as TAB, semicolon etc.
25. Now you must specify the source file's column delimiter type. You can choose comma, tab, semicolon, or another character.
26. That is, the vertical bar in Vimscript is equivalent to a semicolon in most other programming languages.
27. The edit point location is immediately after the last character of the code element (including any semicolon, or terminating or separating syntax).
28. Objective To investigate the feasibility of first - staged resection and anastomosis for acute left - semicolon obstruction.
29. The last thing in the compound statement should be an expression followed by a semicolon; the value of this subexpression serves as the value of the entire construct.
30. The string must be valid PHP code and must end with semicolon.
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