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Utilitarianism in a sentence

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Sentence count:74Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: utilitarianegalitarianismtotalitarianismegalitarianmilitarismtotalitarianauthoritariandemilitarized zoneMeaning: [‚juː'tɪlɪ'terɪənɪzm /-teər-]  n. doctrine that the useful is the good; especially as elaborated by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill; the aim was said to be the greatest happiness for the greatest number. 
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(1) In effect, the Fabians skewed utilitarianism in favour of the principle of social solidarity.
(2) His utilitarianism required a practical, socially useful justification for punishment; retribution was totally inadequate.
(3) If utilitarianism has no way of making equity matter, it does not follow that equity is unimportant or insignificant.
(4) This critique of utilitarianism would seem to support Gandhi's contention that in comparison with sarvodaya utilitarianism shows a lack of dignity and humanity.
(5) Utilitarianism has been both vigorously defended and attacked in the last few decades.
(6) I have already noted his rejection of utilitarianism as an interpretation of the aim and purpose of life.
(7) That utilitarianism needs some such additional clause to be in the intended spirit of Bentham is beyond doubt.
(8) Unfortunately[sentence dictionary], much of the drab utilitarianism of urban existence has come to be associated with the design philosophy of functionalism.
(9) Even more than the theories discussed before, utilitarianism ignores the problematic issue of the discourse's scientific object, the subject.
(10) This healthy utilitarianism was, as has been said, ultimately referable to biologically grounded needs and drives.
(11) In this connection Hume propounds a kind of utilitarianism for which the good is essentially the useful, in terms of promoting human happiness.
(12) We further distinguish between act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism.
(13) We must watch out for the inclination to utilitarianism.
(14) The central focus of utilitarianism is happiness or pleasure.
(15) There is just too much emphasis on utilitarianism in our society.
(16) As for Jeremy Bentham, who launched utilitarianism as a doctrine in moral and legal philosophy, Bentham died in 1832 at the age of 85.
(17) Jeremy Bentham is the founder of the British utilitarianism in the second half of 18~ ( th ) century.
(18) Distinguish act utilitarianism from rule utilitarianism. Which is more important?
(19) With high development of economics, the prevalence of utilitarianism and fadeout of ethics and morality, traditional arrangement of estate tax can not satisfy a diversified modern society.
(20) On the face of it, this criticism carries the day against any rule utilitarianism which is genuinely distinguishable from act utilitarianism.
(21) Many think that in spite of strenuous efforts by Mill, utilitarianism can not really do justice to the concept of justice.
(22) The votary of ahi strives for the greatest good of all, which means that he goes beyond utilitarianism.
(23) There was a strong emphasis on efficiency based on the ideas of Jeremy Bentham and utilitarianism in all this legislation.
(24) We may call this the rigorist interpretation or version of utilitarianism.
(25) It therefore rejected empiricism and was particularly critical of utilitarianism.
(26) Reductivist arguments can be supported by the form of moral reasoning known as utilitarianism.
(27) The criterion of brain-death is based on humanitarianism and utilitarianism rather than on the privatism.
(28) In our society there is too much emphasis on utilitarianism.
(29) The quote appears to be a paraphrase of John Stuart Mill, the 19th-century English philosopher of utilitarianism and liberty.
(30) By now, virtue ethics has been one of three basic ethics that also include kantianism and utilitarianism, which are the two major types of rule ethics.
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