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Unearth in a sentence

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Sentence count:30+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dig updisclosediscoverextractremoveturn upuncoverwithdrawSimilar words: on earthnear toearthearthquakeuneasynearnearbynearlyMeaning: v. 1. bring to light 2. lay bare through digging. 
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(1) Farmers still sometimes unearth human bones here.
(2) His job is to unearth bodies, attach names to their bones and return the remains to their families.
(3) Yet Flemish farmers still unearth unexploded ordnance nearly every day.
(4) Unearth them the following winter, remove all the rooted stems for transplanting and cut off any that have failed to root.
(5) But inheriting the sponsorship of a competition to unearth the Old Masters of tomorrow is a different matter altogether.
(6) To unearth the last of the bodies may take a fortnight.
(7) Archaeologists unearth part of ancient Egyptian university.
(8) You will unearth a whole new history.
(9) Will it unearth anything new(, or valuable?
(10) Most of the unearth relics remain intact.
(11) The Kremlin found PWC's failure to unearth any flaws in Yukos's accounts irksome.
(12) Court decision defendant Mr. Wen will unearth underground backfill, restores the original condition.
(13) Some reckon its failure to unearth masses of new information is down to a mix of mendacious reticence on the part of key witnesses and the pusillanimity of their inquisitors.
(14) I've asked Shirley to see what she can unearth on them.
(15) Inquiries under way are bound to unearth more instances of ethically, and even legally, challenged bankers.
(16) This article aims to unearth the surpassing imagination exhibited through the poems by William Blake, which is not in the least inferior to that created by the "Lake Poets".
(17) The earliest unearth art can be updates to seven thousands years ago, and official document for lazurite around 403 B.
(18) The graduate student ploughed through hundreds of pages of material to unearth a single fact.
(19) For all he knew it might not be unusual to unearth human bones in grounds such as these.
(20) The mats would support a crane, which could be used to unearth parts of the plane.
(21) It was always safer to leave no facts for anyone else to unearth.
(22) African Alexandrite is typically located in wet regions near rivers and mined by digging through river beds by hand to unearth the Alexandrite rich pegmatite rock.
(23) In this chapter, the authority to discover the reasons why the judicial notice has a prolonged history and to unearth the rational supporting behind the system in an all-round way.
(24) Nabokov, the authorial prankster, buried Easter eggs of every sort for careful readers to unearth.
(25) British, American, Australian and Canadian tax authorities hope to unearth more such scams by joining forces.
(26) I think of the great work in the Middle East, where sensing aerial photography has been able to unearth ancient archeological sites, ancient roads and ancient trading routes.
(27) Finally, and most importantly, if you want to get the works of art of DIY with soul and vitality, the proposal is in hands-on DIY before launch and rich imagination, unearth more design inspiration.
(28) Mr Ch á vez may become more radical: expect him to unearth more fictitious coup plots.
(29) During 1983-1984, the local archaeological team had two large-scaleexcavations to unearth a large quantity of documents, most of which are records of the YuanDynasty.
(30) From the wander, dramatis personae in on the road movies, this part tries to unearth how on the road movie comprehend the existence status of the human being.
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