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Encrypt in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2016-12-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: crycry outcry fora far crycrystalincreaseincreasedincrementMeaning: [ɪn'krɪpt, en-]  v. convert ordinary language into code. 
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(1) Account details are encrypted to protect privacy.
(2) Your financial information is fully encrypted and cannot be accessed.
(3) Messages encrypted using the public key can be decrypted only by someone with the private key.
(4) Do you need to encrypt - if so, how?
(5) The private key, used to encrypt transmitted information by the user, is kept secret.
(6) Could not encrypt export server password!
(7) Hash method used encryption technology to encrypt user password.
(8) A and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt files.
(9) CMS is used to sign or encrypt arbitrary messages.
(10) Encrypt and Decrypt with different algorithm.
(11) Can use blowfish algorithm to securely encrypt files.
(12) They can encrypt communications, randomize behaviour[], and so on.
(13) Encrypt exported data using the destination key management service.
(14) Please enter the password that was used to encrypt this certificate backup.
(15) An easy and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt files.
(16) Password - allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using a password.
(17) So the MPI-based pseudo-random sequence parallel encrypt algorithm will provide relevant application and research with new methods and directions.
(18) Before we can encrypt, we need to know the size of the buffer required for the cipher text .
(19) Wireless hardware developers could use the software to encrypt their products.
(20) Using password, data encrypt , fire wall, digital signature, network security management technology , etc are mainly introduced.
(21) Users just have to click an on-screen button to encrypt an outgoing message.
(22) Its other function is to take over your hard disc and encrypt all the file directories, rendering the disc unusable.
(23) The radio transceivers had to be set up to receive, encrypt and relay their reports to Earth.
(24) The secret - key system uses a single, wholly secret sequence both to encrypt and to decrypt messages.
(25) The chaos is very sensitive to initial conditions and high-blooded randomicity, so it can be used in encrypt information.
(26) If a cryptanalyst thinks that a user has used the same key to encrypt two different files, he can XOR the two files together and cancel out the output from the PRNG.
(27) A more secure protocol is HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), which uses SSL to encrypt HTTP messages.
(28) Each host within the virtual network is provided with a unique host key and the public version is used to encrypt the communication channel.
(29) With nothing to do, and stranded on Coruscant during an Imperial siege, Ghent went to work with the New Republic crypt staff to slice through the Imperial battle encrypt code.
(30) Software and data's safeguard measure should strengthen cryptogram verify, purview control, graphics technique and data encrypt technique.
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