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To be precise in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-01-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: precisepreciselyimprecisedepreciatedepreciationprecinctpreciousappreciateMeaning: adv. in actual fact. 
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1. You have to be precise about the numbers.
2. More than a week ago, Thursday evening to be precise, Susanne was at her evening class.
3. The shelf is about a metre long-well, 98cm, to be precise.
4. Or the paddock, to be precise.
5. In produce, to be precise.
6. It's difficult to be precise about the number of deaths caused by smoking.
7. To be precise, we know that he wrote mystery novels.
8. I say four, but to be precise, channels two and three are in fact combined.
9. A dromedary, to be precise, the one-humped variety, also known as ships of the desert.
10. Dysart's commanding officer on his very first ship to be precise.
11. The need here is to encourage children to be precise about what they want to find out in their work.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. I've already saved many people. Fifty-four, to be precise.
13. But we extremely requested to be precise.
14. Game 7 of the NBA Finals, to be precise.
15. She is not a vampire yet, to be precise. She won't even be aware of it.
16. He had built a logic gate - to be precise, a NOR gate.
17. Earthworms, to be precise—especially the common nightcrawler and the red marsh worm, creatures that did not exist in North America before 1492.
18. These are calculations for card counting , blackjack to be precise.
19. To be precise, how had the English gone from being a thoroughly lawless bunch—famed for truculence and cruelty—to one of the most orderly societies in history?
20. That is all the more reason to be precise about them.
21. There was a good turnout for the meeting - twelve of us to be precise.
22. Naturally, there is the proverbial robin - well, robins to be precise.
23. He supplied me with money - fourpence a week to be precise.
24. In the conceptual case, each example's properties are supposed to be precise and discrete.
25. Your speed they would say was in excess of 600 miles per hour, 611 to be precise!
26. He was born in April - on the 4th to be precise.
27. Specificity of a system is the extent to which it permits the indexer to be precise about the subject of a document.
28. Being fixed - interest, the price varies with ( or to be precise against ) theprevailing rate of interest.
29. Also, with the advent of morality, there may have raised a conscience against the abuse of sexual practice – extortions, to be precise.
30. The restaurant in which we ate that night had more people in it at 11pm, 51 more to be precise, than it did at 10pm.
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