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Thrilling in a sentence

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Sentence count:115+13 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-07Updated:2017-03-07
Similar words: thrillthrilledwillingmillingwillinglyfulfillingwillingnessunwillingnessMeaning: [θrɪl] adj. 1. causing a surge of emotion or excitement 2. causing quivering or shivering as by cold or fear or electric shock. 
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1) His superb play inspired the team to a thrilling 50 win.
2) The children were captivated by his thrilling story.
3) Our wildlife trips offer a thrilling encounter with wildlife in its natural state.
4) Juventus overcame Ajax in a thrilling match.
5) This stadium has seen many thrilling football matches.
6) He kept his nerve to win a thrilling match.
7) They raced to a thrilling victory in the relay.
8) Her voice had a strange and thrilling resonance.
9) It's thrilling to see people diving into the sea from a cliff.
10) The tiger in the cage gave a thrilling cry.
11) She gave a thrilling account of her life in the jungle.
12) The book is a thrilling adventure story.
13) They depicted the thrilling situation to us in great detail.
14) Liverpool gained a thrilling 5?4 win over Glenavon.
15) The thrilling semi - finals set the stage for what should be a great game.
16) It is a thrilling tale of a haunted house and the ghosts therein.
17) The match had a thrilling finale,[] with three goals scored in the last five minutes.
18) His acrobatics yesterday were thrilling.
19) It's a thrilling movie even though it lacks subtlety.
20) Jon featured in one of the show's most thrilling episodes.
21) It might be thrilling at first, but it will probably end in pain and tears.
22) This thrilling epoch-making race Was by agreement taking place Along the road beneath the hill To finish by the barley-mill.
23) As space technology, Bio2 is the most thrilling news since the moon landings.
24) But he was thrilling to watch.
25) The niceties gave way to steely-eyed focus and thrilling adventure built on absolute confidence.
26) In a thrilling climactic scene during a howling blizzard in the mountains, he and Umegawa do kill themselves.
27) Few contests in the recent history of British boxing have been as thrilling.
28) The movie is not just blood and gore ; it has a thrilling story.
29) The film may lack subtlety and political correctness, but it can be thrilling if you let it.
30) An abbey! the very sound of the word is thrilling to the young devotee of the Gothic novel.
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