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Villi in a sentence

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1. This study justified the use of villus height as an indicator of the nutritional state in rats.
2. Coelocentesis: a new technique for early prenatal diagnosis Chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis have disadvantages.
3. The avascular villi of molar pregnancy are quite large.
4. There were connecting vessels between the villi arteriole and the villi venule at the tip of the villi, and they form a precapillary arteriovenous anastomosis.
5. Villi are not present Rather, there is a proliferation of bizarre trophoblastic cells.
6. The villi in the synovial membrane were different in different joint. It was different in different part of the same joint.
7. The lacteals of villi are part of the lymphatic system.
8. Formation of placental villi also starts around 13 days after conception.
9. The microvasculature of Ochotona daurica, pigeon small intestinal villi and Eremias argus peters lung injected with solution of ABS in butanone was studied under scanning electron microscope.
10. Conclusions The expression of HB -EGF in human villi and decidua may contribute to embryonic implantation and growth, and to maintain the placental functions.
11. Sometimes blood clot and chorionic villi the tube following rupture of an ectopic pregnancy.
12. And the intestinal villi fell away, lymphous knots increased in intrinsic layer, and an alterative pathological changes in different degree happened to its mucous membrane, muscle and chorion.
13. This procedure takes cells from the villi, i . e . tiny fingerlike projections on the placenta.
14. The avascular villi of molar pregnancy are quite large. However, these must be distinguished from simple "hydropic degeneration" seen in placentas of fetuses undergoing intrauterine demise.
15. And(4)in the stroma of villi(, mesenchymal cells were abundant in rough endoplasmic reticulum and well developed Golgi complex. Mesenchymal cells were markedly functionally active.
16. The placental decidua cells and villi ceil degenerated with necrosis.
17. The wall is thin and almost transparent probably due to atrophy of the villi.
18. E. stigmosa parasitized mainly in the epithelial cells of jejunum, ileum, ceca, and rectum from middles to tops of villi, and resulted in mild histopathological changes.
19. The number of goblet cell in the same group are decrease from the bottom to the top of the villi.
20. Retiary fibers, excretive articles and host cell with the ball villi were seen on the inner side of the cyst.
21. Results Clusters of malignant trophoblast appeared to be arising from residual normal chorionic villi with projection into the intervillous space in the infarct area of placenta.
22. Followed by the intermediate stage, cells full of mucous granules in the upper intestinal gland and the second half of intestinal villi, synthesis and release of almost balance.
23. The role of recti mini vessels connecting the cryptal plexus with the villi plexus was an "collateral circulation" to supply the base of the villi where the arterial termination was lacking.
24. OBJECTIVE To study the imprinting status of H19 gene in normal villi tissue during the first trimester, and its relation to the invasion of trophoblast.
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25. AIM: To prepare highly purified human trophoblast cells from human placentae at the first trimester of normal pregnancy for further study on the function of human placentae villi.
26. It seem that the higher expression of MMP-9/TIMP-1 in the decidua and villi was benefit to the maintenance of early pregnancy.
27. On closer inspection, early ischemic enteritis involves the tips of the villi.
28. For pregnancies at increased risk for nephropathic cystinosis, prenatal testing is also available biochemically, based upon elevated cystine concentration in both chorionic villi and amniocytes.
29. Objective To study the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1(TIMP-1) proteins in the decidua and villi of the early pregnancy.
30. Conclusion Strong expression of PTEN has close relationship with the formation of trophoblastic cells in human placenta, the cells in cytotrophoblast have the ability to proliferate in placenta villi.
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