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Swoop in a sentence

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Synonym: divedropfallplummetplungepounceSimilar words: swoonswordwoodswoodywoodenwoodlandswordfishcross swordsMeaning: [swuːp]  n. 1. (music) rapid sliding up or down the musical scale 2. a very rapid raid 3. a swift descent through the air. v. 1. move down on as if in an attack 2. move with a sweep, or in a swooping arc 3. seize or catch with a swooping motion. 
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1. The eagle hovered, ready to swoop at any moment.
2. The eagle poised in mid-air ready to swoop on its prey.
3. A hawk hovered in the sky, waiting to swoop down on its prey.
4. The fish hits the hook at one swoop.
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5. The plane made a swoop over the city.
6. The hawk poised in mid-air ready to swoop.
7. Police made a dawn swoop.
8. Police held 10 suspected illegal immigrants after a swoop on a German lorry.
9. We watched a bird of prey swoop down on a mouse.
10. In one fell swoop the bank wiped away the tentative benefits of this policy.
11. We saw the eagle swoop from the sky to catch its prey.
12. Police arrested a man in a swoop on his house last night.
13. It seemed that the plane was going to swoop down and strafe the town,[] so we dived for cover.
14. A swoop by customs officers netted a large quantity of drugs.
15. In one swoop the feeling swallowed her up and she had never got rid of it since.
16. Natural predators, sparrowhawk and kestrel, swoop in on regular raids and the garden is visited by fox and weasel.
17. I missed seeing Slim and his men swoop down on the car and rob us of the strongbox in the trunk.
18. Then they will suddenly swoop down to catch mammals or sometimes insects or worms.
19. And flying tonight ... the Falcons swoop in for a new season.
20. Betty was the Blue Girl, with a hawk-wing swoop of black hat, forbidding gaze, hands grasping the white chair.
21. If the new law is passed, it will remove press freedom in one fell swoop.
22. A single company can close a factory, eliminating 74,000 jobs in one fell swoop.
23. Only a foolish politician would promise to lower the rate of inflation and reduce unemployment at one fell swoop.
24. Large quantities of drugs were found during a police swoop on the star's New York home.
25. I got all my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop.
26. A single company can eliminate 74,000 jobs in one fell swoop.
27. Compton had not been laid out, like Lakewood, in one fell swoop.
28. And nearby, five Scandinavian countries have combined to build one compound, an architectural swoop of Nordic green.
29. She sprang off the bed and reached the window in a swoop of wild excitement.
30. Add a mild climate and miles of beaches where sea-birds swoop on their fishing grounds from lofty cliffs rising from the foam.
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