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Hoop in a sentence

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Synonym: bandcircleringSimilar words: loopstoopoopsscooptroopdrooploopholecooperateMeaning: [huːp]  n. 1. a light curved skeleton to spread out a skirt 2. a rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling 3. a small arch used as croquet equipment 4. horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball. v. bind or fasten with a hoop. 
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1. The acrobat could bend himself into a hoop.
2. The child was rolling a hoop.
3. The hoop rolled along the pavement.
4. The worker bent an iron rod into a hoop.
5. The wooden tub is fitted with the iron hoop.
6. Small gold hoop earrings caught the light as she turned her head.
7. The wooden hoop supporting the foliage had almost collapsed beneath its weight.
8. A hot college hoop dreamer played by Kadeem Hardison dies just as his team is on the edge of an NCAA championship.
9. A hula hoop can be spun around the body.
10. He felt he would be put through the hoop.
11. In a circle,[sentencedict .com] in a hoop that never ends.
12. Where is your hula - hoop?
13. The worker repaired the barrel with a hoop iron.
14. Glowing hula hoop meets Javanese Gamelan.
15. The Basketball hoop is beyond my reach.
16. Whichever team collects the most hula hoop at the end wins.
17. Golfer Sam Snead gyrates with a Hula Hoop on a golf course in Miami Springs, Florida, US, on Oct. 28, 1958.
18. I usually put the hoop on my fabric with the screw off to the left side towards the top.
19. And when both the flamingo and the hedgehog were ready, there was no hoop!
20. Two teams would try putting a rubber ball into the hoop without using hands or feet.
21. He wore a blue baseball cap backward and a gold hoop in his left ear.
22. Tonight he wears peach-colored slacks, a matching gingham blouse(, brass hoop earrings and a rhinestone stud in his nose.
23. I remember asking my dad constantly to build me a hoop.
24. On Christmas Eve, I pulled out the box containing the basketball hoop and studied the assembly instructions.
25. But the Heat did have a final heave at the hoop.
26. It was looking for Camby to take the shot and simply watched Bright drive to the hoop for an easy layup.
27. With its skirt-shaped cups and narrow petals, this narcissus is known as the hoop petticoat daffodil.
28. I'm from a small town in Indiana, and when I was growing up, almost every family in town had a basketball hoop in front of their house.
29. Invite Mr. Bartleman to take skip - rope, tug - of - war and hoop rolled match.
30. By simply taking hold of its own tail and making itself into a hoop.
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