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Charcoal in a sentence

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Sentence count:224+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: charcoal graycharcoal greycharcoal-graycharcoal-greyfusainoxford grayoxford greywood coalSimilar words: coalcoalescecoalitionnarcolepsycharmchartChart.charyMeaning: ['tʃɑːkəʊl]  n. 1. a carbonaceous material obtained by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air 2. a stick of black carbon material used for drawing 3. a very dark grey color 4. a drawing made with a stick of black carbon material. v. draw, trace, or represent with charcoal. adj. of a very dark grey. 
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(1) They make the charcoal by burying wood in the ground and then slowly burning it.
(2) The commando blackened his face with charcoal.
(3) That morning we fired our first kiln of charcoal.
(4) The water was filtered through charcoal.
(5) Charcoal is used to filter water.
(6) They broiled turkey over a charcoal flame.
(7) For some reason the charcoal wasn't catching.
(8) I prefer sketching in charcoal to pencil.
(9) He took off her head and shoulders in charcoal.
(10) If the charcoal does fail to light, use a special liquid spray and light it with a long taper.
(11) Charcoal filters many gases.
(12) We need to get some more charcoal for the barbecue.
(13) Once the charcoal is glowing, place the food on the grill, turning it regularly.
(14) He blended in the charcoal lines to make the picture look softer.
(15) The brothers, Ray and Alan Mitchell, are charcoal burners.
(16) The giant pots rest on wheel-rims glowing with charcoal.
(17) A few charcoal sketches were tacked to the walls.
(18) Never, ever use charcoal lighter to start coals.
(19) Charcoal consumption from these sources is not environmentally acceptable.
(20) Activated charcoal with sorbitol was administered by nasogastric tube.
(21) For some reason the charcoal isn't catching.
(22) Charcoal grilled steaks are a speciality.
(23) Some swear by charcoal briquettes or mesquite charcoal.
(24) The forests also supplied charcoal for the forges.
(25) Richard sells the charcoal to local shops and garages.
(26) Add charcoal to the grill as needed.
(27) Prepare a fire in a charcoal grill.
(28) Light and heat are sent off , together with heavy smoke, and soon only black charcoal is left.
(29) Darby was looking for a way to improve iron when he hit upon the idea of smelting it with coke instead of charcoal.
(30) Shirts in red, brilliant blue, bright yellow and orange were worn with navy and charcoal gray suits.
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