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Stiffness in a sentence

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Similar words: deafnessstiffaloofnessstiffenmastiffstinginessfastidiousnessplaintiffMeaning: ['stɪfnɪs]  n. 1. the physical property of being inflexible and hard to bend 2. the property of moving with pain or difficulty 3. firm resoluteness in purpose or opinion or action 4. the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment) 5. excessive sternness. 
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1 She complained of stiffness in her joints. Accordingly she was admitted to hospital for further tests.
2 Some of the stiffness will boil out when you first wash the cloth.
3 The stiffness and self-consciousness soon disappeared.
4 Her initial stiffness began to wear off as we got to know her.
5 As I got about, the stiffness in my left leg gradually worked off.
6 She could tell from his eyes and the stiffness of his voice that she had offended him.
7 Everyone was surprised at the stiffness of the sentence/punishment/penalty/sanctions.
8 If there is also drowsiness, severe headache, stiffness of the neck or severe lethargy.
9 Miss Preston suffered muscle pain and stiffness after the attack.
10 The stiffness of a hand pleated heading will help to keep the heading crisp and firm, giving a truly professional finish.
11 Stiffness testing is relatively simple but strength testing may involve engineering which is both heavy and difficult.
12 The very stiffness of the penalty should resolve the problem.
13 Light,( high tensile strength fibres confer stiffness and strength to a polymer resin that binds them into a rigid three-dimensional form.
14 This stiffness prevents the horse from bending and bringing his hocks underneath him.
15 Both provide a measure of chain stiffness in dilute solution.
16 Swallowing the stiffness in her throat, she folded the towel neatly on to the rail and combed her hair.
17 He repeatedly told himself he'd beat the stiffness out of it one day.
18 But trainer Hannon said any stiffness would have had no connection with the broken leg which led to Mr Brooks' death.
19 They lack independence, may develop stiffness or even feel a failure because their ulcers do not heal.
20 You may want to boil out some of the stiffness.
21 After overexertion of muscles; pulled muscles with pain and stiffness; number one remedy for muscles.
22 The natural properties of Mint Balm help to hold moisture so you can achieve a firm hold without stiffness.
23 Get your tracksuit on as soon as possible; the quicker you do this, the less stiffness you will feel post-race.
24 His collarbone ached, and he dug at it with his good arm, massaging the stiffness with his fingers.
25 The greater your mobility the less likely you will be to suffer aches and pains brought on by stiffness.
26 There would be an advantage, however, in using a stiffer-shafted club because the resulting higher torsional stiffness increases accuracy.
27 When an aircraft has been designed and built a full-sized specimen must be tested for strength and stiffness.
28 The canopy, which hinges forwards, is made of flat sheets of poly-carbonate, framed with carbon fibre for stiffness.
29 But some of the patients will still have a tremor, even though their stiffness is satisfactorily controlled by the drug.
30 Honeycomb sandwich materials represent the ultimate in low weight and high stiffness, and have revolutionised aircraft and racing car design.
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