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Stiffen in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2017-01-31Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: constraintightentighten upSimilar words: stiffmastiffoffenseoffenderdifferoffensiveplaintiffdifferentMeaning: [stɪfn]  v. 1. become stiff or stiffer 2. make stiff or stiffer 3. restrict. 
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1 He tried to stiffen his wavering soldiers.
2 This sort of grease could not stiffen when the temprature drops.
3 These clothes restrict your freedom of movement and stiffen up the whole body.
4 He will stiffen their resistance to cuts in welfare.
5 Denial can obscure obstacles and stiffen resolve.
6 Moisture will only stiffen the leather of your shoes.
7 He felt his face stiffen, grow pale with rage.
8 I stiffen, I wail, I wave my arms, I kick my feet.
9 You can stiffen curtain fabric by using a special liquid solution.
10 I had seen shyness stiffen her into a quite absurd primness.
11 Point your toes and stiffen the muscles in your legs.
12 It is advisable to stiffen the fabric before cutting to shape when using the latter method to allow for any possible shrinkage.
13 He said it so loudly he felt himself stiffen from the sound.
14 He felt the house stiffen against the world that was reaching in for his father and him.
15 The council wants to stiffen the penalty for drunk driving.
16 Her arms stiffen, and little fists strike out at me.
17 He felt her whole body stiffen in shock, but though she gasped,( she did not cry out.
18 Frighten or surprise one and it will stiffen and keel over in what appears to be a dead faint.
19 This lignification serves to stiffen and strengthen the cells.
20 Your job is to stiffen linen with starch.
21 You will only stiffen his resolve.
22 Joints stiffen with advancing years.
23 I must stiffen Dreamer's back.
24 The blood supply to the skin is reduced when muscles stiffen.
25 She did not act surprised when she saw them, but he felt her whole body stiffen.
26 Some horses are naturally more sensitive than others and the rider's weight causes them to hollow and stiffen.
27 He refused to help with the threshing because he thought the fork handle would stiffen his fingers..
28 With the wild night, after two months, sobriety, he had a hangover would stiffen an eel.
29 But no, his wayward member twitched once more, started to stiffen with free-willed resolve.
30 She looked more odd than ever and her movements were beginning to stiffen.
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