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Unjustifiable in a sentence

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Antonym: justifiableSimilar words: justifiedjustificationinjusticejustifyjusticedo justicejust in timemystifiedMeaning: adj. incapable of being justified or explained. 
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1. Poisoning the earth's atmosphere is ecologically and morally unjustifiable.
2. The raid was an unjustifiable act of aggression.
3. His behaviour was unjustifiable.
4. His behaviour was quite unjustifiable.
5. No one argues that the referral is wholly unjustifiable on clinical grounds.
6. It is morally unjustifiable to punish a whole class for the actions of one or two of its members.
7. Illegal and unjustifiable funds and charges.
8. And I can even shrug off the unjustifiable accuse the university education of the unemployment rate.
9. He said the verdict was unjustifiable, as had William Dean Howells and William Morris at the time of its execution.
10. Otherwise the mismatch of risk provides an unjustifiable public subsidy to the banking sector.
11. In another category there are the unjustifiable ones , and these we must rebut.
12. Using these missiles to down civilian aircraft is simply immoral and totally unjustifiable.
13. But, as this Court has recognized, discrimination may be so unjustifiable as to be violative of due process.
14. Without having a particular reason, like Catholicism, he found it unjustifiable.
14. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
15. She didn't know how to answer him - how to justify actions that were unjustifiable.
16. The business constituency, on the other hand, views much regulation as an unjustifiable intrusion by the State.
17. Macarthy, the defence lawyer, found himself in the position of trying to defend the indefensible and justify the unjustifiable.
18. Found and Fried criticize the doctrine of consideration as an unjustifiable impediment to economic freedom.
19. Some ethicists regard the cloning of humans as a morally unjustifiable intrusion into human life.
20. The Second Circuit held that the agency's choice of site was unjustifiable.
21. Fear is the great destroyer of happiness, and most fears are unjustifiable.
22. Even worse, it is impossible to put an end to the debate since it turns over an empirically unjustifiable causal reasoning.
23. Could you successfully explain a way of life that you found unjustifiable?
24. The restraint an individual outside such extenuating circumstances, or the use of excessive force, is unjustifiable.
25. When dog bites dog, each gets a mouthful of fur -- usually indicating unjustifiable disputes .
26. Milton has to justify or at least understand this seemingly incomprehensible and unjustifiable event. It's this drive to theodicy that accounts for the poem's most painful moments.
27. Most who write off bullfighting as a cruel and unjustifiable sport generally know very little about what actually takes place in a corrida, an afternoon series of fights in which six bulls are killed.
28. Pierre Teluduo feels special awkwardness to this kind of unjustifiable act.
29. As a general matter, there is an international consensus about the economic evils of price-fixing cartels as unjustifiable restraints of competition.
30. American Middle East policy since The Gulf War was unjustifiable.
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