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Demeanor in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2016-11-03Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: behaviorconductmannerwaySimilar words: one anothermeanmeantimemeanwhileby means ofby all meansby any meansby no meansMeaning: [dɪ'miːnə]  n. (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people. 
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1) His good demeanor spoke well for him when he went to apply for the job.
2) The old soldier never lost his military demeanor.
3) She is quiet in her demeanor.
4) Nor does time appear to have tempered his demeanor.
5) Julio Cesar Chavez has a carefree, almost childlike demeanor.
6) There was a certain cockiness in his demeanor, as if he were quite aware that he was of a special breed.
7) Their demeanor grew more serious the following night as we camped on a peninsula above the lake.
8) With his expensive clothes, elite education, and distinguished demeanor, he was different from the rustic and plain Avon folk.
9) Outwardly calm, he masks his feelings behind a demeanor of indifference and spoken confidence.
10) He had an aristocratic demeanor, mitigated by terrific street cred.
11) Although she is young, she has a mature demeanor.
12) Her demeanor changed completely and her sternness melted away.
13) He answered, with simple demeanor and without embarrassment.
14) I dislike his pompous demeanor.
15) We've detained Miss Demeanor long enough.
16) A man's demeanor is high and elegant.
17) Pandit affects a down-to-earth demeanor.
18) We're investigating a felony, Miss Demeanor.
19) And that requires practitioners who value aggression, salty talk, an obnoxious demeanor, and rude behavior.
20) Nunez is a graying, handsome man who dresses for no one and has a charmingly temperate demeanor.
21) Millar himself is a young-looking man in his mid-thirties with dark brown hair and the demeanor and bearing of a born enthusiast.
22) It was useful, he dis-covered, to cultivate a reserved demeanor, to stay silent for long stretches of time.
23) Directors also strive to foster a cooperative spirit and friendly attitude among employees and a compassionate demeanor toward the families.
24) Not by one word or look can we detect any change in the demeanor of these Negro servants.
25) But my reassurances did nothing to allay his nervous demeanor.
26) He was in his middle to late fifties, a gray-haired, bespectacled man with a stiff and unsmiling demeanor.
27) Most of her friends worked at the agency or in defense jobs and shared the same tight-lipped demeanor.
28) A number had decided to model themselves on the behaviors and demeanor of a favorite boss or company hero-a very reasonable strategy.
29) This hairstyle of the latest fashion highlights the Best gentlemanly demeanor.
30) The hope has the mind the transportation. Has the demeanor not to lose actually humorously.
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