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Specific heat in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: specificspecificallyspecificationspecifiedunspecifiedspecifymicrofichespeciesMeaning: n. the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance one degree centigrade. 
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1. Ccontents is the specific heat capacity of the contents; and T is the temperature change of the contents.
2. Specific heat content is high, good heat conduction.
3. Experimental results show that apparent specific heat of sand mold materials is considered as a constant in low temperature range, but it is ...
4. The apparent specific heat of rabbit artery during phase transition was measured using the Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC).
5. Introducing a specific heat ratio K and a gas constant R- for constant lag flow, fundamental relationships analogous to those of pure gas flow are derived.
6. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and volume specific heat were studied using the transient plane source method.
7. By far, there isn any research on the specific heat of SWNTs at high temperature.
8. What is the specific heat of the metal in the pan?
9. The specific heat measurements at low temperatures also play important roles in the finding of the third law of thermodynamics, the quantum theory of solid and BCS theory for superconducting etc.
10. A calculation formula for determining the specific heat capacity of solid with an improved RD496-III microcalorimeter was derived.
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11. Debye temperature, specific heat and state change under high pressure.
12. But the specific heat of water transfer printing technology transfer process complicated.
13. The specific heat of nanocrystal approaches that of glass, but is that of bulk crystals.
14. A hypothesis was presented that the specific heat of resin changed greatly at the gel point.
15. The outcome of the experiment shows the specific heat of dry wood is independent on species.
16. Using spin wave theory and the equation of motion technique for the Green function, specific heat of ferromagnetic antiferromagnetic double layers at low temperature is investigated.
17. With the apple and chilli being taken as typical materials, the specific heat of rural subsidiary occupation products with high moisture content and its measuring methods are studied.
18. Its thermal properties were calculated by means of lattice dynamics. It has been found that the entropy and specific heat of nanocrystalline are higher than that of single crystal.
19. With the miniaturization of a solid down to nanometers scale, the elasticity, extensibility, Debye temperature, and the specific heat capacity are no longer ...
20. The paper describes an apparatus[], bolometer and system for measuring the specific heat of small samples above liquid nitrogen temperature using relaxation calorimetry.
21. Is Making the Liquid Thermometer with Mercury Just be Cause the Latter Has Small Specific Heat?
22. The results show that as heat rate increases, he specific heat of glass with higher energy.
23. Heat analysis—the chemical analysis determined by the steel producer as being representative of a specific heat of steel.
24. This paper discussed the assessment of uncertainty of air's specific heat capacity ratio, and gave a method of more reasonable, standard and easy for teaching.
25. A calorimeter based on the quasi-steady state theory was developed to measure the latent heat of fusion and specific heat capacity of substance from 250 K to 400 K at atmosphere pressure.
26. By using improved variational method, the internal energy per plaquette and the specific heat curves of the Tangent action in SU(2) lattice gauge theory arc worked out.
27. It is found that the results are influenced greatly by specific heat of air.
28. A transient method with rectangular pulse heating has been developed to measure the specific heat and thermal conductivity of solid structural materials at low temperatures.
29. A particle potential energy is introduced to make the model suitable for the perfect gas with arbitrary specific heat ratio.
30. The product of a solid element's relative atomic mass and its specific heat capacity is approximately 6.4.
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