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Sexual reproduction in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: reproductionreproductiveproductionmass productionproduction costfactors of productionintroductionproportional representationMeaning: n. reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete. 
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1 Sexual reproduction serves to create genetic variety.
2 Give a short description of sexual reproduction.
3 Sexual reproduction can bring about genetic commingling.
4 One theory is that switching from sexual reproduction to virgin birth might have helped these ancient creatures survive so long.
5 The present invention relates to sexual reproduction of plant containing tripterine,( and is especially seed reproduction process of celastraceae plant containing tripterine.
6 Sexual reproduction also occurs. Most flatworms are hermaphrodite and, in tapeworms, self - fertilization usually takes place.
7 In general are genetically modified through the sexual reproduction process of implementation.
8 One benefit of sexual reproduction is to shuffle genes and repairing damage during germ cell differentiation.
9 Assortative mating Sexual reproduction in which the pairing of male and female is not random.
10 In addition to sexual reproduction, some ferns produce sporophytes by apogamy.
11 In evolutionism, the borrowed concepts of mutation and sexual reproduction spawn the art.
12 Genes are those tiny bits of biological information swapped in sexual reproduction.
13 The pollen tube is the polarized tip-growing system that involves a complicated kinetic process essential for sexual reproduction in higher plants.
14 Heterothallism A condition found in algae and fungi in which sexual reproduction occurs only between genetically different self-incompatible mating types (strains) of the same species.
15 "It means that children develop sexually much earlier(, " Stanhope says. "They are physically ready for sexual reproduction but mentally completely unready."
16 The class Deuteromycetes, or Fungi Imperfecti, includes a variety of fungi that lack modes of sexual reproduction.
17 Pollen is the male - gamete of seed plant, which plays an important role in sexual reproduction.
18 A membranous, often club-shaped structure in which typically eight ascospores are formed through sexual reproduction of ascomycetes.
19 The lack of a safe germinant environment is the primary cause for the failure of P. euphratica sexual reproduction.
20 In humus soil, cordate prothalli did not bear archegonia, and thus the process of sexual reproduction ofSgrevilleoides could not be finished.
21 The class Deuteromycetes , or Fungi Imperfecti, includes a variety of fungi modes of sexual reproduction.
22 Like all higher forms of life, the human species relies on sexual reproduction to avoid extinction.
23 This shows that apomixis seeds of Taraxacum leucanthum (Ledeb. ) Ledeb. are aborted, it mainly through sexual reproduction to reproduce.
24 The ascospores, on the other hand, are produced by following sexual reproduction.
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