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Ambidextrous in a sentence

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Sentence count:11Posted:2017-03-25Updated:2017-03-25
Synonym: Janus-faceddeceitfuldouble-dealingdouble-faceddouble-tonguedduplicitoustwo-facedtwo-handedSimilar words: dexterousdexterouslyextrovertambitiousambiguousextraneousunambiguousdisastrousMeaning: [‚æmbɪ'dekstrəs]  adj. 1. equally skillful with each hand 2. marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another. 
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1. Do you know what "ambidextrous" means?
2. Few of us are naturally ambidextrous but in terms of karate technique this can be achieved through training.
3. These and other so-called turfgrasses are botanically ambidextrous; they can reproduce sexually, by putting out seeds, and asexually, by spreading laterally.
4. Both ambidextrous and multilingual , 20th president of the United States James Garfield could write Greek with one hand while writing Latin with the other.
4. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
5. Jack is an ambidextrous hitter; he can bat right - handed or left - handed.
6. It is unnecessary to be ambidextrous to be able to use the knife with either hand.
7. A switch - hitter in baseball should be naturally ambidextrous.
8. Use your mouse with your left or right hand - ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way.
9. I'm neither left - handed nor right - handed; I'm ambidextrous.
10. The study, led by Ruth Propper, a psychology professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, found that the halves of the brain in those who are lefties or ambidextrous are more interlinked.
11. All are 15 - shot pistols. All Ruger P 89 pistols feature an ambidextrous magazine release button.
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