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Sediment in a sentence

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Sentence count:285+1Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: depositSimilar words: pedimentimpedimentimpedimentacondimentembodimentrudimentarydimensiondimensionsMeaning: ['sedɪmənt]  n. matter that has been deposited by some natural process. v. 1. deposit as a sediment 2. settle as sediment. 
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31. Considerable solution compaction between grains indicates that cementation did not take place until relatively late in the diagenetic history of the sediment.
32. Sediment from the tailings has increased the area of the river delta from 65 to 900 hectares.
33. The Colorado River deposits large amounts of sediment in Lake Powell.
34. Sampling for mammal fossils often involves the patient sieving of great quantities of sediment to extract the fossil teeth.
35. The earthquake triggered submarine landslides that dislodged hundreds of cubic kilometers of sediment on the continental slope.
36. Coral species vary in their ability to cope with sediment.
37. Sediment influx was assessed on an organic-, carbonate- and biogenic opal-free, dry-weight basis.
38. The volume of sediment that accumulates in a basin depends on the rates of subsidence, sediment supply and sediment removal.
39. Her visit to the Doctor seemed to have stirred up old memories, like sediment at the bottom of a pond.
40. Many species live, and presumably lived in the past, in inland or upland sites where little sediment accumulates.
41. The structure itself had changed little since 1976, though there was considerable reworking and transport of fine sediment by earthworms.
42. Again the permeability is largely dependent upon sediment sorting and the presence of cements, or authigenic growths in the pore throats.
43. Any particular location may have collected sediment for part of the time, but suffered erosion the rest of the time.
44. It is as thick as baby food and leaves a soft sediment on his top lip.
45. With a little more black in her eyeliner and sediment in her voice, she could be ready to play Blanche DuBois.
46. We all know what happens when jellied gravy and sediment is left at the bottom of a bowl of dripping or lard.
47. The weight was found buried in sediment from Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland.
48. Ordinary madeira has no sediment and does not need to be decanted.
49. Draining a vast, barren watershed whose rains usually come in deluges, its sediment volume was phenomenal.
50. Pore spaces are the voids not filled by grains or matrix within a sediment.
51. Nevertheless, unequivocal evidence for deeper subduction of sediment has proved elusive, and other explanations are possible.
52. This allows the unwanted sediment to be expelled with relative ease.
53. However,[] a shift in the type of sediment from weathered to unweathered material is noted at this level.
54. In practice the particle sizes in the sediment are computed from the weights settled at specific time intervals.
55. However, it is now known that some corals can survive settling sediment and that even reefs may develop in muddy surroundings.
56. The evidence demanded a long time for Earth processes to have had any effect in carving mountains and accumulating sediment.
57. Syphon the beer into the cube, leaving as much of the sediment in the bucket as possible.
58. The external heat drives the atmosphere and the oceans and causes the erosion of mountains and the reduction of rock to sediment.
59. This sediment thickening indicates the role of sediment loading in sustaining basin subsidence but it does not explain how basins originate.
60. Samples for sediment chemistry were prepared using a wet-chemical extraction technique.
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