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Heresy in a sentence

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Synonym: dissentmisbeliefSimilar words: for the restinterestbe responsible forhere and therethereherewheretherebyMeaning: ['herəsɪ]  n. 1. any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position 2. a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion. 
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1. He was executed for heresy.
2. Radical remarks like this amount to heresy for most members of the Republican party.
3. It might be considered heresy to suggest such a notion.
4. He was burned at the stake for heresy.
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5. What Bracey is saying is tantamount to heresy.
6. Her belief that taxes should be higher was heresy.
7. We should denounce a heresy.
8. The idea is heresy to most employees of the firm.
9. Mellors was preaching heresy and had to be immediately defrocked.
10. She committed the heresy of playing a Madonna song on a classical music station.
11. He said it was a heresy to suggest that women should not conduct services.
12. It's heresy to consider changing the rules of baseball.
13. Her enemies called this heresy antinomianism.
14. Heresy provided a threat to civil as well as ecclesiastical order, to political settlement and to peace.
15. Although sympathetic to this heresy I found myself intoxicated but also somewhat inhibited by de Santillana's impressionistic style.
16. It is an age-old heresy to see the world as a battleground between the forces of good and evil.
17. For empiricists, revisionism is no heresy; and heresy no bad thing, anyway.
18. His apparent heresy is not that of the smooth talking cleric, but the statistician specialising in the field of criminology.
19. This was heresy, or at least beyond his comprehension Erica could see the effect her words were having.
20. His public utterances were examined for heresy, his private life combed for scandal.
21. It might be heresy to say this in a modern world, but the Profitboss is a puritan.
22. To come to work without a shirt and tie was considered heresy.
23. He was burned at the stake in the fifteenth century for heresy.
24. Writing in an impenetrably mystical Hebrew, Kook tried to disprove the traditionalists' view of Zionism as heresy.
25. It never broke out above the surface: he feared heresy and blasphemy too much.
26. This sees Clovis as converting directly from paganism to catholicism, without ever being influenced by the arian heresy.
27. He spent his life defending the Catholic faith against heresy.
28. In articulating life as a chameleon on a rocky mirror, Vernadsky committed heresy on two counts.
29. Big money will now be poured into cleansing the elementary schools of anti-phonics heresy.
30. A theology teacher once advised his class to read one good book of heresy a year.
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