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Responsibly in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: responsibleresponsible forirresponsiblebe responsible forresponsibilitysocial responsibilityresponsiveresponseMeaning: adv. in a responsible manner. 
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1) He urged everyone to act responsibly.
2) They are emotionally mature and should behave responsibly.
3) Can I rely on you to behave responsibly while I'm away?
4) The report says the officers acted professionally and responsibly.
5) Ensure that burning is responsibly supervised.
6) He is acting responsibly, being faithful to his employer.
7) You can trust Jamie to act responsibly.
8) Educating young people to drink responsibly and in moderation is best achieved by parents setting a good example.
9) That being so, the vice-chancellors are acting responsibly to explore alternative sources of funding.
10) It was the high-school students who reasonably and responsibly found a solution to the problem.
11) Public figures have a duty to conduct themselves responsibly, even in their private lives.
12) But used responsibly, emotional resonance is the appeal of every speaker who is eloquent rather than simply articulate.
13) You can't force him to act responsibly but you can make sure he doesn't treat you like a doormat.
14) But unions are for representing people properly, responsibly,[] not for using as some vehicle for your own political obsessions.
15) The report said that the doctor had acted very responsibly.
16) We want all our members to undertake this trip responsibly, with their eyes open.
17) When he saw the crash, the young boy acted very responsibly and called the police.
18) I shall also do all that I can to ensure that brewers behave responsibly towards their tenants.
19) Both require political intervention: the market alone has no capacity to act responsibly or intelligently.
20) Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. Plato 
21) Whatever we do as individuals or as a nation to create debt must be faced responsibly.
22) In all aspects of our personal lending business, we shall act fairly and responsibly.
23) How can an unprecedented association of nations which come together voluntarily govern itself effectively, responsibly and responsively?
24) Seventy-four percent said he did not have the personality or temperament to serve responsibly as president.
25) I have written this book only for visitors who behave responsibly and show respect for others.
26) Lacking familial motivation and psychological stability, he can not persist responsibly at work even when he can find it.
27) Will Opposition Members try to persuade the welfare rights organisations in their constituencies to behave responsibly?
28) A vote for the Greens will put pressure on the other parties to act responsibly.
29) The television viewing public had seen images of violence and expected political leaders to acknowledge them and to respond accordingly and responsibly.
30) There is a simple lesson here: give a student a real responsibility, and he or she will act responsibly.
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