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Convection in a sentence

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Similar words: constitutional conventionconventionconversationconventionalconvictionunconventionalconnectionconversionMeaning: [kən'vekʃn]  n. 1. the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion 2. (meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere. 
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1. These fires create convection funnels, and throw a lot of particles into the upper atmosphere.
2. In convection, hot currents flow upwards.
3. Warm air rises by the process of convection.
4. Hence, concentration driven convection occurs in these layers.
5. This is how a convection current works.
6. Care should be exercised with convection ovens to prevent solution ingress to the motor.
7. The latest flushing models of mantle convection have shed new light on what may keep the supercontinents dancing.
8. Instead, it is a natural consequence of convection in a sphere.
9. They are thus particularly appropriate for studies of convection and stratified flow.
10. This would not be possible if convection was taking place.
11. For very dilute concentrations, the convection distributed the particles uniformly throughout the tank.
12. Here we extend the results of experiments on convection in a suspension cooled from above.
13. As for ordinary convection, this is what drives the motion.
14. Convection occurs when too much heat is present at depth to be conveyed upwards solely by thermal conduction.
15. Combined with simple models of mantle convection, the maps have already thrown new light on sinking slabs.
16. Most convection models predict that convection cells have similar horizontal and vertical dimensions, although arguments have been presented against this idea.
17. One of the ways to dissipate perspiration is by convection.
18. In either case, the new flow, once established, is a new pattern of steady convection.
19. Prices start at about £100 per metre for standard models; fan-assisted convection designs are also available.
20. Figure 22.5 illustrates this, choosing the case in which the previous stage had produced bimodal convection.
21. The plates would then presumably move along with the currents, connecting the upwellings and downwellings in giant convection cells.
22. This relatively new concept gives the user the additional benefit of convection cooking and, on some models, a grill.
23. We have seen an experimental realization of this type of convection in Fig. 4.7.
24. On Earth the equipment could be expected to keep itself quite cool by convection of the surrounding atmosphere.
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25. A single deep connection to the magma supply maintains the heat input by convection.
26. There is again a plume, but additionally horizontal layers of double diffusive convection spread out around this.
27. Observations of graded bedding, trough structures and cross-layering suggested sedimentation from magmatic currents induced either by convection or by gravity currents.
28. Cowan was struck by the similarity between these patterns and those seen in the fluid convection under certain conditions.
29. One might speculate that compounds like these would melt early, rise to the surface by convection, and accumulate as crust.
30. The first development as Ra is increased from a value a little above critical is a change in the geometry of steady convection.
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