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Manifold in a sentence

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Sentence count:166Posted:2016-10-04Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: manymultiplevariousSimilar words: manifestuniformmanipulatemegalomaniaif onlyfoldeven iffolkMeaning: ['mænɪfəʊld]  n. 1. a pipe that has several lateral outlets to or from other pipes 2. a lightweight paper used with carbon paper to make multiple copies 3. a set of points such as those of a closed surface or an analogue in three or more dimensions. v. 1. make multiple copies of 2. combine or increase by multiplication. adj. many and varied; having many features or forms. 
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1 The City Council has a manifold plan to beautify the city.
2 Gaelic can be heard here in manifold forms.
3 The reasons for this situation are manifold.
4 Despite her manifold faults, she was a strong leader.
5 The possibilities were manifold.
6 He has manifold talents.
7 Manifold examples of her work have been preserved in the city archives.
8 Goodness is simple, badness manifold.
9 The manifold consists of a group of parallel tubes of precisely known inner diameter.
10 The exhaust manifold gave an explosive belch and went silent.
11 That Darwin's ideas could have such manifold influence throughout the entire structure of modern biological theory should not now be surprising.
12 Such emblems were manifold and she was embarrassed by their riches.
13 Otherwise,( it wants no part of North Forest's manifold problems.
14 However, the Atlantis's plus points are manifold, far outweighing this single flaw.
15 Having located the air intake manifold we noticed a significant difference between the diagrams in the manuals and our engine.
16 Boost is engine manifold pressure, a key ingredient in the maintenance of horsepower and ultimately, miles per hour.
17 Calculation of the curvature of the center manifold shows that this periodic solution is an attractor.
18 There were manifold uncertainties, and in the days and weeks to come, memory would play devilish little tricks on him.
19 In addition to his manifold welfare activities, Gandhi also gave his energy to the Congress party.
20 This is detected with a special sensor in the exhaust manifold.
21 The Universe is one organic whole, no matter how diverse and widely differing its manifold aspects may seem to be.
22 Knowing is seen as a subjective experience in which the content of that which is known is subject to manifold possible interpretations.
23 Some females are firm in monogamy, but many more go in for manifold males.
24 The individual bees appear very purposeful in carrying out their manifold tasks ....
25 The climb rate dropped off noticeably as we reached maximum manifold height for the day and the lack of turbo-charging showed.
26 The tactical mistakes made in attempting to implement this program were manifold, but more important was the strategic error.
27 Karpov has played this sequence many times before and should have been fully conversant with its manifold nuances.
28 Exhaust gases are then subjected to an air injection which encourages unburnt fuel to ignite in the exhaust manifold.
29 To change the cam, you need a front cover gasket, inlet manifold gasket and two rocker cover gaskets.
30 The b -boundary is the projection into a space-time of a natural boundary attached to a higher-dimensional Riemannian manifold.
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