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Placid in a sentence

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Synonym: calmpacificpeacefulquietsmoothstilltranquiluntroubledAntonym: rudeSimilar words: acidacidicglacierplacesalaciousplacatereplacein placeMeaning: ['plæsɪd]  adj. 1. (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves 2. not easily irritated 3. living without undue worry; taking life easy. 
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1. Who gave me love placid who accompany me to see through the fleeting landscape.
2. A placid parent makes a placid home.
3. She sat still, placid and waiting.
4. She was a placid child who rarely cried.
5. His normally placid dog turned on him and bit him in the leg.
6. The whole village presented a face placid.
7. He was a plump, placid boy.
8. The lake was placid and still under the moonlight.
9. The setting sun turned the placid ocean into a sea of gold.
10. The placid and sensible character of the beginner's cob would be unsuitable for the racecourse, for example.
11. He seemed to be placid and even cheerful.
12. An orangery filled with conservatory plants overlooks placid lawns and a fountain rising from a raised pool.
13. We drove through placid scenery,(sentence dictionary) past a ruined castle and so into Tuam.
14. She sat still, placid and waiting, until he was clear up the steps.
15. There was a worried look on her normally placid face.
16. Maurus saved the young Placid from drowning, which may or may not explain bis patronage.
17. The expression on his face seemed placid,( midway between a daze and thoughtfulness.
18. In placid periods this measure would represent only a very modest implicit tax on speculation.
19. Michelato seemed unmoved, his normal placid self, while Migliore sat in the car.
20. She floated listening on the placid amniotic tides.
21. Phlegmatic: this type has a placid nature and tends to be lazy.
22. Until then he appeared perfectly content with his placid existence.
23. Aunt Margaret presided over the table with placid contentment, urging them to eat with eloquent movements of the eyes and hands.
24. All the eye can see are evergreens, a placid body of water and the occasional loon.
25. Half-closed, dozy eyes usually belong to a placid, lazy horse.
26. He was humming to himself as he drove - occasionally contributing to the conversation - a placid, contented family man.
27. Aunt Lavinia urges Catherine to entertain this very suitable young man, which she does, after some rather placid early encounters.
28. And the road to Phoenix this season hardly has been placid.
29. The river is full to the brim and quite placid so we set off again.
30. Some infants are intense, while others are more relaxed; some are squirmy and restless, while others are placid.
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