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Tease in a sentence

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Synonym: annoybadgerbanterbotherjestjokepestervexSimilar words: at easeeaseceaseteaspoonpleasereleasediseaseincreaseMeaning: [tɪːz]  n. 1. someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity) 2. a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men 3. the act of harassing someone playfully or maliciously (especially by ridicule); provoking someone with persistent annoyances. v. 1. annoy persistently 2. harass with persistent criticism or carping 3. to arouse hope, desire, or curiosity without satisfying them 4. tear into pieces 5. raise the nap of (fabrics) 6. disentangle and raise the fibers of 7. separate the fibers of 8. mock or make fun of playfully 9. ruffle (one's hair) by combing towards the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect. 
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1. Don't tease him about his weight - it's cruel.
2. The older boys at school used to tease him.
3. If you always tease others like that, you'll forfeit the good opinion of your friends.
4. They try to tease out the answers without appearing to ask.
5. Don't be a tease.
6. His friends used to tease him about his tatty clothes.
7. The other boys tease him because he is fat.
8. You must not tease your little sister.
9. Ignore everything he said-it was all just a tease.
10. She used to tease me about my hair.
11. I'm learning to tease wool.
12. What a tease she is!
13. I'm sorry[], it was only a tease.
14. He used to tease her mercilessly .
15. Evelyn would tease her, but only in fun .
16. Stacey gets pissy if we tease her.
17. I finally managed to tease the truth out of her.
18. Uncle Sebastian used to tease Mother and Daddy unmercifully that all they could produce was girls.
19. It's one thing to tease your sister,(sentence dictionary) but it's another to hit her.
20. When did you last flirt with him or tease him?
21. The other boys used to tease him because of / about his accent.
22. When the girls tease him,he doesn't quite know how to act up.
23. It took me a while to tease the truth out of him.
24. It took us a long time to tease out the important facts from a dry mass of details.
25. She tried to tease out some family problems from the boy.
26. The teacher helped them tease out the meaning of the poem.
27. You are the one who I am loath to bully.How can I let others tease you?
28. Don't take any notice of Joe - he's a big tease.
29. Later she heard he had told one of her friends she was a tease.
30. There had to be an answer— he was sure he could tease it out if only he had time.
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