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Photosphere in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-04-05Updated:2017-04-05
Similar words: stratospherephotosynthesisexospherebiospheregeospherephotographeratmospherethermosphereMeaning: n. the intensely luminous surface of a star (especially the sun). 
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(1) The photosphere has a granular structure.
(2) There is no sharp break between the photosphere and the outer atmosphere of the sun on one side and the solar interior on the other.
(3) Photosphere means light sphere, ' which is the brightest layer of the sun's atmosphere.
(4) Detailed studies on magnetic field topology above photosphere have been done.
(5) From about 200 km above the photosphere outward extension of the height of 100 km area.
(6) Beyond the photosphere in the chromosphere and the extremely rarified corona, which extends millions of kilometres into space.
(7) The brightness of the photosphere prevents people from seeing the outer layer of the sun's atmosphere.
(8) The photosphere is the lowest layer of the sun's atmosphere, and emits the light we see.
(9) The solar atmosphere above that consists of the photosphere, chromosphere, a transition region and the corona.
(10) The Sun's outer atmosphere is called the corona and it is several hundreds of times hotter than the photosphere, or the visible surface of the star.
(11) The chromosphere is a frothy layer churned up by gases in the photosphere.
(12) Her hopes mingled with the sunshine in an ideal photosphere which surrounded her as she bounded along against the soft south wind.
(13) This is because many elements in CI meteorites are present in the same proportions as the solar photosphere – or the outer layer of the sun that you see through a telescope.
(14) After those zones comes the part of the star that radiates visible light, the photosphere, which is often referred to as the surface of the star.
(15) A continuous flow of energy is supplied to the photosphere to make good the prodigious losses by radiation.
(16) Temperatures in the dark centers of sunspots drop to about 3700 K (compared to 5700 K for the surrounding photosphere ).
(17) A star during most of its life is a main-sequence star, which consists of a core, radiative and convective zones, a photosphere, a chromosphere and a corona.
(18) I learnt from him many of the songs in his repertoire and these were in even greater request than my talks about the photosphere of the Sun or the many moons of Saturn.
(19) The cause of filament destabilization is interpreted as steady cancellationreconnection in the photosphere layer.
(20) Some people investigate magnetic topology by analyzing magnetic field of photosphere directly.
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