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Asthenosphere in a sentence

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Similar words: biospherethermosphereatmospherephenomenonatmosphericspherephenomenaphenomenalMeaning: n. the lower layer of the crust. 
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1. This would drag the underlying asthenosphere along and promote a compensatory upward movement within the mantle under mid-oceanic ridges.
2. The asthenosphere corresponds approximately to the low - velocity zone.
3. The decompression melting fluid system of asthenosphere provides the driving force for magma emplacement and metallogenic material.
4. It presents a decided signification that the asthenosphere rised to the forming of big petroliferous regions.
5. The rise of the asthenosphere , the position of Moho and mantle plume are the indication of the mantle convection.
6. Mantle plumes induced asthenosphere upwelling and development of magma chambers along deep-sited faults, and thus resulted in fracture eruption of flood basalts on large scale.
7. Asthenosphere uplift indicates the deep adjustment process during the interaction of plates, and also shows the adjusting process of gravitational equilibrium between upper layer of crust and mantle.
8. The differential movement of lithosphere and asthenosphere causes the Neozoic deformation of Tianshan.
9. Forty-five miles beneath the surface, the layer known as the asthenosphere begins.
10. Oceanic lithosphere has a mean density rather close to that of the immediately underlying asthenosphere.
11. Alternatively, subducted oceanic crust may be able to pull adjacent continental crust down into the asthenosphere.
12. Each of these areas of continental lithosphere are thought to have overridden regions of hot asthenosphere associated with former mid-oceanic spreading ridges.
13. Cool, thick, old oceanic lithosphere is gravitationally unstable as it is generally denser than the asthenosphere over which it lies.
14. According to the previous studies, the uplifting of the asthenosphere could be correlated with lithosphere thinning resulted from an E-W extension.
15. Sedimentary basin forming dynamics system is the macroevolution and correlation of the sedimentary basin, the mantle, the asthenosphere, the lithosphere, and Moho discontinuity.
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16. The orogenic types were controlled by the relative motion mechanism between lithosphere and asthenosphere.
17. The parental magma for pyroxenite xenoliths could be derived from the partial melting of the asthenosphere with continental crust material involvement and of the upper lithospheric mantle.
18. The alkalic basaltic magma of this stage may be derived from asthenosphere.
19. That is one of the possible reasons why there is no "high-conductive layer of the upper mantle" in the MT profile from Yingxian to Shanghe, which images the asthenosphere electrical characters.
20. Seamounts form from magmatic eruptions, which occur when lava seeps up to the crust through the partially-melted sub-layer, known as the asthenosphere, in the mantle.
21. Lithospheric plates are exerted by a fluid pressure, since they immediately overlie the asthenosphere . We define this fluid pressure as Asthenospheric Static Push (ASP).
22. The Okinawa Trough is a back arc basin still driven by the converging asthenosphere.
23. This paper has proposed a hypothesis of magma tides in the asthenosphere to interpret 18.6 year earthquake cycles in major seismic regions of the world which was discovered by the author.
24. These anomalies might be due to the temperature variation of subsurface fluid that caused by transmission of long cycle waves through upper mantle or asthenosphere before the earthquake.
25. In Mesozoic, the most important interaction occurred between the crust and the mantle,( whereas in the older and Cenozoic it did between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere .
26. Then his study achievement, as the key of solve the problem of continental geosphere structure which has the same structure as asthenosphere, has found a series of new idea and pattern.
27. The mesosphere comprises the rest of the mantle below the asthenosphere.
28. Maginal orogeny was formed on this condition with same relative motion trend between lithosphere and asthenosphere.
29. As the plates spread apart, the lithosphere, or crust, is moved aside like a lid, allowing molten rock from the liquid asthenosphere to seep through.
30. The mantle convection is the primary driving force for the formation and evolution of sedimentary basins, and manifested in the position of the asthenosphere, Moho discontinuity and mantle plume.
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