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Optical in a sentence

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Synonym: seeingvisualSimilar words: optical telescopescepticalcrypticalskepticalellipticalskepticallycrypticallyopticMeaning: ['ɑptɪkl /'ɒp-] adj. 1. relating to or using sight 2. of or relating to or involving light or optics 3. of or relating to or resembling the eye. 
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(1) A mirage is an optical illusion.
(2) Telescopes and microscopes are optical instruments.
(3) Their pilots are guided by an infrared optical system that shows images clearly even at night.
(4) They concentrated on better definition of the optical image.
(5) The camera combines rugged reliability with unequalled optical performance and speed.
(6) An optical disk is just another kind of electronic storage medium.
(7) He has optical trouble.
(8) The data is captured by an optical scanner.
(9) These optical fibres may be used for new sorts of telephony.
(10) He has an optical defect.
(11) A sensor channels the light signal along an optical fibre.
(12) Indeed, their optical properties reflect a non-biological origin.
(13) The firm designs and sells magnetic and optical sensors for use on factory production lines.
(14) The recent enthusiasm for optical fibres is the result of dramatic advances in optical purity.
(15) The large memory requirements suggest the use of optical disc storage.
(16) He uses an optical scanner and a computer with synthetic voices.
(17) The density of optical interconnections can be much greater than even the most advanced silicon and gallium arsenide processes.
(18) Others use optical detectors, which seem to respond more quickly to smoke from smouldering fires such as those involving upholstered furniture.
(19) Most argued that the canals were optical illusions, and that Mars was a cold, waterless, radiation-baked world.
(20) An optical fibre uses total internal reflection to carry a light beam over long distance and around corners.
(21) Sloping walls on the bulk of the building create an optical illusion.
(22) I thought I saw a ghost but it was just an optical illusion.
(23) In his own private laboratory, he worked with ultraviolet radiation at the ultimate resolution of the optical microscope.
(24) These chapters are however well written and clearly show the scope of optical sensor technology in industrial processes.
(25) Despite the cost, Telecom is now irrevocably committed to optical fibres in all its new telephone speech and data trunk lines.
(26) He did not look like a businessman about to discuss optical lenses in the board room at the Zeiss works.
(27) Therefore, I recommend either giving the instrument a thorough test, or else asking for an opinion by an optical expert.
(28) Sometimes the light is carried to and from the point of observation by optical fibres.
(29) The infrared picture is at 10 times the scale of the optical photograph, showing only the very centre of the galaxy.
(30) There is, however, one classical restriction which we must take into account, namely the resolving power of optical instruments.
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