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Omental in a sentence

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1 Figure 4 . Ventral hernia with omental fat protruding through the defect in the rectus sheath.
2 To investigate the protective effects of pedicled omental transposition on the kidney with glomerulosclerosis.
3 The ulcer has perforated into the lessor omental bursa.
4 The edema in sinew of kidney, lesser omental bursa or peripancreas, and ascites were recorded, 1 point scored each site.
5 Results:The perimeter of omental bursa, especially,( the relation of superior recess of lesser sac to caudate lobe of liver was indicated.
6 The ulcer has perforated into the lesser omental bursa.
7 Conclusions The thickening lesser omental bursa and abnormal echo indicate the abnormal of pancreas ( 86.20% ) and peritoneal lesion.
8 Results CT screenage could show kidney internal hemorrhage, hematom under envelope, perirenal hematoma, omental bursa hematoma.
9 Methods:The cross-section anatomy of upper abdomen in 30 Chinese cadavers and the extension of omental bursa by irrigating emulsion in 5 Chinese cadavers were studied to investigate the omental bursa.
10 It is also valuable in the clinical and imageological diagnosis of the empyema of the omental bursa.
11 Objective:To provide the three dimensional morphology of imaging diagnosis and interventional treatment of omental bursa (OB).
12 Objective:To give an exact description of the attachments of the lesser omentum and to point out the superior recess of omental bursa should belongs to what partition of the peritoneal cavity.
13 Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) is an unusual condition characterized by massive mucinous ascites associated with peritoneal and omental implantation of tumors.
14 To the best of our knowledge, this is the seventh report of omental actinomycosis not requiring resection of the intestine for the total removal of the disease tissue.
15 Methods: Performing microscopic technique to seperate the thick arachnoid membrane with partial resection and did the unilateral or bilateral pedicular omental transposition to the brain.
16 Itmay be helpful in providing alternative diagnoses such as omental infarction or mesenteric adenitis.
17 Results:The free gas in variable location, shape and size was seen in 24 cases, and the leakage of contrast medium in 3 cases, as well as the encapsulation in omental bursa in 2 cases.
18 Objective:To provide an anatomical basis for imaging diagnosis and surgical treatment of omental bursa abscess.
19 Methods: Gastrocolic ligament was incised with electrotome by laparoscopy. Drainage-tube was placed in omental burse and lesser omentum for douche and drainage.
20 Anterior lobe of transverse mesocolon and pancreatic capsule should be peeled, and radical resection of Omental bursa should be considered as routine operation in these patients.
21 Methods: We sideling incised pancreas envelope along the pancreas y axis , pancreas body become flexible, omental bursa put a duct drainage.
22 Actinomycosis of the greater omentum, although rare, should be included in the differential diagnosis of an omental mass especially in patients with fever (or leukcytosis).
23 Objective:To investigate the MRI features of the normal anatomy and abnormalities of lesser omental bursa, and to evaluate the diagnostic value of its abnormalities by MRI.
24 Oval or lobulated heterogeneous hypoechoes were the diagnostic features of primary omental tumors.
25 A gallbladder catheter was joined to the GM which was implanted in the omental bursa.
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