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Move in a sentence

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Synonym: affectanimatearousebudgechangeconvinceimpelinduceinfluencemotivatepersuadepromptstimulatestirswayAntonym: stopSimilar words: removemove onmovementover and overmovieremovalovenoverMeaning: [muːv]  n. 1. the act of deciding to do something 2. the act of changing your residence or place of business 3. a change of position that does not entail a change of location 4. the act of changing location from one place to another 5. (game) a player's turn to take some action permitted by the rules of the game. v. 1. change location; move, travel, or proceed 2. cause to move, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense 3. move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion 4. change residence, affiliation, or place of employment 5. follow a procedure or take a course 6. be in a state of action 7. go or proceed from one point to another 8. perform an action, or work out or perform (an action) 9. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon 10. give an incentive for action 11. arouse sympathy or compassion in 12. dispose of by selling 13. progress by being changed 14. live one's life in a specified environment 15. have a turn; make one's move in a game 16. propose formally; in a debate or parliamentary meeting. 
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1) One wrong (or false) move can lose the whole game. 
2) One false move may lose the game. 
3) One careless move loses the whole game. 
4) Money can move even the gods. 
5) Deep rivers move in silence, shallow brooks are noisy. 
6) There is a move to liberalize literature and the Arts.
7) The move would cause irreparable harm to the organization.
8) She sat in the corner,[] watching my every move.
9) It didn't move, so she pushed harder.
10) Engage first gear and move off.
11) He stood up and began to move around the room.
12) It's too late to move back, yet too early to move on.
13) to move as if accompanied by a singsong.
14) As soon as we can afford it, we'll move out to the suburbs.
15) I'm so cold I can't move my fingers.
16) It was a bold move on their part to open a branch of the business in France.
17) I was scarcely able to move my arm after the accident.
18) You can hardly move in this pub on Saturdays .
19) The next move rests with you.
20) Come on, you two,[] get a move on!
21) I owe you a drink for helping me move.
22) When a company goes out of business, officials usually move in to take control.
23) I like to go off on my own - to sit back and bliss out in a darkened move theater.
24) If you start with one small, positive thing and repeat it during the course of your day, you will begin to move into a more positive situation: positive thoughts, feelings, opportunities and people will start showing up in your life. With practice, you will find that over time, you will change your outlook and choose to be happy, irregardless of the events around you.
25) The dying man groaned with agony as the rescues tried to move him.
26) They are establishing a network of pumps and pipelines to move the oil.
27) I was in excruciating pain and one leg wouldn't move.
28) He would like an assurance that other forces will not move into the territory that his forces vacate.
29) Emancipate urself from ur past. The only way to move forward is to stop looking back!
30) I can't get the cleaner under these chairs, so will you help me move them?
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