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Recover in a sentence

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Sentence count:272+13 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: come aroundget backget betterhealimproverallyreclaimrecuperateregainrescueretrievereviveAntonym: loserelapseSimilar words: economic recoveryrecoverycovercover upuncovercoverageover and overrecordMeaning: [rɪ'kʌvə(r)] v. 1. get or find back; recover the use of 2. get over an illness or shock 3. regain a former condition after a financial loss 4. regain or make up for 5. reuse (materials from waste products) 6. cover anew. 
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1. It took a moment for Mark to recover his poise.
2. Know, how again recover also just air.
3. It will be impossible to recover all the misapplied charity money.
4. We prayed she would recover from her illness.
5. It can take many years to recover from the death of a loved one.
6. I can't recover from breaking up with u.
7. Life is a wounded recover the continuous improvement of process.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. The economy is at last beginning to recover.
9. The local authority must try to recover arrears of rent.
10. Yesterday morning shares seemed to recover from Monday's collapse.
11. Yates is struggling to recover from a serious knee injury.
12. Patients recover quickly if they are well nourished.
13. They sought to recover damages, costs, expenses, etc from the firm.
14. She's got a strong constitution - she'll recover in no time.
15. The conference resolved to resort to force to recover the lost territory.
16. Legal action is being taken to try to recover the money.
17. She fell ill soon after and did not recover.
18. for her to recover from the illness.
19. I took a vacation to try to recover my sanity.
20. It took her a few minutes to recover consciousness.
21. He was entitled to recover damages from the defendants.
22. Like inquiry can be active thinking, like exercise can improve physique, like mountain forest can recover one's original simplicity, love alone can study hard, like wind builds muscles.
23. There should be some tangible evidence that the economy is starting to recover.
24. The doctors gave him more powerful drugs in the vain hope that he might recover.
25. After a few days of fever, she began to recover.
26. No one can understand the hurt and pain of life, not a time to be able to recover, I can only share memory protection.
27. Don't lend books to your friends; it's difficult to recover the books from them when you want them.
28. When you have been through a terrible experience like that, it takes a long time to recover.
29. Her plane broke down and it was 18 hours before she got there. It took her three days to recover.
30. This state of affairs cannot continue for too long, if parliament is to recover.
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