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Mongrel in a sentence

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Synonym: crossbreedhybridSimilar words: Congresscongregatecongregationcommon groundcongressionalgangreneingredientcongruousMeaning: ['mɑŋgrəl /'mʌ-]  n. 1. derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin 2. an inferior dog or one of mixed breed. 
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1. Some people call English a mongrel language because it is a mixture of old German and French.
2. The dog, an ungainly mongrel pup, was loping about the road.
3. The English word " television " is a mongrel because " tele " comes from Greek and " vision " from Latin.
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4. Benny, her mongrel, foraging ahead.
5. His patchy mongrel pants like an iris where shamrock fans forget to blur. Hot breath of August.
6. His patchy mongrel pants like an iris where shamrock fans forget to blur.
7. His neighbour's mongrel had the unfortunate habit of strolling next door and urinating in his police dog's food.
8. She's a mongrel really, but that's what Sebastian calls her.
9. A gangling mixed breed of Labradors and mongrel hounds and terriers.
10. A stray mongrel appeared at the end of the alley, its body gaunt from years of neglect.
11. It was a mad mongrel of a building, a Victorian folly lampooning the worst taste of several architectural ages.
12. The mongrel presented his muzzle for scratching.
13. Out of that,[] you mongrel.
14. Right, you're that little mongrel I fetch here sometimes.
15. " Nah, " my dad said,'she's just a mongrel bitch. ".
16. You're not gonna believe it. A mongrel mutt has broken into your car!
17. English is a mongrel language that keeps its vitality by absorbing new words, uses and expression _ rs.
18. The Reid Flying Submarine (RFS-1) was a true mongrel, constructed by Reid in his spare time using leftover parts from other aircraft and, like Ushakov's design, it was a floatplane.
19. Can summon mongrel things that he can cast locust swarm on, which buffs their damage.
20. The night before, a German shepherd mongrel had come into the bar begging for potato chips.
21. My mother's dog is only an old mongrel but she thinks the world of him.
22. The Mongrel Club will also submit our views to AFCD and concern groups attending the meeting.
23. Each one of eight mongrel dogs was anesthetized twice. First time, it was anesthetized with enflurane mixed with 70% N2O. One week later, it was anesthetized only with enflurane.
24. But whenever he wandered off el grip would loosen, el thwing would revert and the comfortable old mongrel ways would return.
25. It scurried over to a pile of old newspapers with the mongrel in close attendance.
26. Iyer is a hybrid being or rather, to use his wry term, a mongrel.
27. Accidentally , my Dachshund Basset Hound gave birth to a mongrel.
28. Underneath the wagon, between the hind wheels a lean and rangy mongrel dog walked sedately.
29. Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half - night elf mongrel?
30. Accidentally, my Dachshund and Basset Hound gave birth to a mongrel.
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