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Incongruity in a sentence

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Synonym: incongruousnessSimilar words: in the long runCongresscongratulatecongressionalrecruitpersona non grataequityiniquityMeaning: [‚ɪnkən'gruːətɪ]  n. the quality of disagreeing; being unsuitable and inappropriate. 
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1) The incongruity of her situation struck Gina with unpleasant force.
2) She smiled at the incongruity of the question.
3) She was struck by the incongruity of the situation.
4) He didn't see the slightest incongruity between the idealism of his plays and his own morals.
5) There is another sort of incongruity in the materials.
6) Another source is incongruity between economic realities.
7) Behind their departing backs,( Ladislaw laughs at the incongruity of the engaged couple.
8) An incongruity between expectations and results can also open up possibilities for innovation.
9) One was the incongruity between de Gaulle's ambitions and the needs of a nation on the breadline.
10) It produces incongruity of style where the thoughts and diction differ from the poet's own.
11) Another incongruity was that between de Gaulle's ambition and the resources at his disposal.
12) Could this be on account of the incongruity between their neurons and mine?
13) All that was wrong, however, was an incongruity between the industry's assumptions and its realities.
14) The incongruity of the word'spirit " in his mouth struck him so sharply.
15) Secondly, incongruity is defined as possess the characteristic of highly interpretability and enjoyability.
16) Cognitive dissonance is also applied to a perceived incongruity between a person's attitudes and his behaviour.
17) Visual hallucination, hearing hallucination, feeling of being controlled, incongruity of affect and conduct disorder were more common in study group than in control group.
18) Ironically, even as the government was fulminating against American policy, American jeans and videocassettes were the hottest items in the stalls of the market, where the incongruity can be seen as an example of human inconsistency.
19) It is now time to call attention to an incongruity in the conception of the rational man from which this chapter started.
20) The Hinkley Point development in fact erupts with total incongruity from the flat coastal plain which borders the Bristol Channel.
21) The conventional format and heroic pose of the sitter are perfectly offset by the incongruity of the costume and title.
22) Thus Hazlitt piles up instances of how humour results from surprise, incongruity, absurdity and misunderstanding.
23) Like his entire tenure as chairman, the scene had an element of incongruity that amounted to the surreal.
24) Traditional theories include Superiority theory from the social-behavioral perspective, Relief theory from psychoanalytical perspective and Incongruity theory from cognitive psychological perspective.
25) When the particular outstrips the general, we are faced with an incongruity.
26) Second, your mind begins to problem - solve in order to interpret this incongruity or surprise.
27) The main theories explaining its origins and development are Incongruity Theory, Superiority Theory and Relief Theory.
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