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Scavenge in a sentence

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Synonym: cleansalvageSimilar words: vengeancecavecave incavernouscaveat emptorengenderchallengesvengaliMeaning: ['skævɪndʒ]  v. 1. clean refuse from 2. collect discarded or refused material 3. feed on carrion or refuse 4. remove unwanted substances from. 
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1. Cruz had to scavenge information from newspapers and journals.
2. Some fish scavenge on dead fish in the wild.
3. Crows scavenge carrion left on the roads.
4. The fish and crabs scavenge for decaying tissue.
5. You can often scavenge nice bits of old furniture from skips.
6. We managed to scavenge a lot of furniture from the local rubbish dump.
7. Unlike most other fabled beasts it preferred to scavenge carrion from the forest floor rather than kill for fresh meat.
8. Some one had stayed behind to scavenge, ignoring the risk,[] heedless of the warnings.
9. In the garbage dumps, women and children scavenge for glass and plastic bottles.
10. Children scavenge through garbage.
11. Fish tucked into crevices peer out, while crabs scavenge over the reef and probe soft corals for food.
12. The foxes come and scavenge the bones.
13. Mimi loves to play scavenge hunt.
14. GPX is able to scavenge ROS, eliminate lipid peroxide and protect against cell membrane damage.
15. Conclusion:Garlicin can directly scavenge oxygen free radicals and improve ischemia reperfusion injury in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
16. Children scavenge at the large Bantargebang rubbish dump in Bekasi near Jakarta , Indonesia, Feb. 17 , 2007.
17. To study the ability of aucubin to scavenge free radical and the protective effect of aucubin on tissue homogenate, mitochondria and microsome attacked by gree radical in vitro.
18. Conclusion:It indicated that TCF could scavenge oxygen free radicals and was capable of prophylaeticly antagonizing against the oxidative injury by superoxide anion.
19. There are people who live in the dump and scavenge garbage for a living.
20. They feed on crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic insects, live fish and will scavenge on dead fish.
21. That's far below our eyrie - I go down there to scavenge.
22. Blueberry and Bilberry are ranked as some of the highest antioxidant rich fruits based on their ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals in the ORAC(oxygen radical absorbance capacity) test.
23. The results showed that RSPP-2 is a good deoxidant and can scavenge reactive oxygen species and inhibit lipoxygenase in some modified chemical systems.
24. Gray wolves often find good hunting in the intertidal zone, where they swim after black-tailed deer, fish snout-first for salmon in shallow creeks, consume seals, and scavenge herring eggs.
25. Finally, the field in a cylinder of a two-stroke uniflow scavenge diesel enginemeasured by the hot-wire probe is presented.
26. At the same time, it can strengthen the activity of many antioxidase , and scavenge both oxygen free radicals and nitrogen free radicals.
27. What localization was really one said that did not scavenge the unclear thing, particularly in China.
28. ESR spectrum approved that natural SOD and · OH scavenger could scavenge · OH in the system.
29. Glutathione is an important active substance in body. Its the important agon in many enzyme reactions, which can scavenge free radical and detoxicate .
30. Similar explosions can occur in the chain casing & scavenge air box.
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