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Candor in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2016-08-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fairnessfranknesssinceritySimilar words: vendorendorsecorridorambassadorhand onhand outrandomrun downMeaning: ['kændə]  n. 1. ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty 2. the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech. 
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1. He has earned a reputation for candor and integrity.
2. Their candor is a very pleasing feature.
3. Her sweetness, her candor, her joie de vivre and fresh beauty-why had he been so long in appreciating it?
4. The need is for objective introspection, candor regarding shortcomings, and a readiness to change.
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5. That extreme, impolitic candor was one of the characteristics that made Rice a perfect rebel and a considerably less perfect leader.
6. And, in rare candor under such circumstances, Chin answered two questions about his personal political beliefs.
7. In all candor, my colleagues will be interested in what the public reaction is.
8. We also believe candor benefits us as managers.
9. But maintaining any relationship requires commitment and candor.
10. I've been contacted by Procol Candor Solicitors in London.
11. Leaders establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit.
12. You ought to treat these matter with candor.
13. The style is marked by simplicity, clarity, and candor.
14. He talked with unusual candor.
15. Sometimes his candor made the people from State squirm a little.
16. Candor: what you ate yesterday can be seen from it.
17. He gave it to me with candor and with a wild eloquence which touched my heart.
18. Candor a key value . The lack of honesty is a corporate killer.
19. She had enough candor to tell the workers the truth about their factory.
20. A multimillionaire media magnate has shocked his employees with his candor by telling them all that he's putting his business affairs on hold to enter an alcoholism-counseling program.
21. He covered a wide range of topics with unusual candor.
22. Nor can the Republican majority on his panel be viewed as simply do-gooders out to restore candor to the White House.
23. There were so many times I considered calling, or going by(, but was blocked by that mountainous candor of hers.
24. Like Margarett, she was mercurial, an extrovert who was terribly shy, a courteous woman who shocked with her candor.
25. By virtue of its institutional position, the Office of the Solicitor General has a special obligation to respect the Supreme Court's precedents and conduct its advocacy with complete candor.
26. Anyway, we really should thank Senators Kyl and McConnell for their sudden outbursts of candor.
27. He spared no one's feelings and expressed his views with great candor.
28. Other commentators ... are falling all over themselves to admit being mistaken ... They think such self-abasement proves candor, honesty, humility. Wrong. It shows weakness.
29. Arbitrament and other disputes of the intermediation , litigation...etc. solve a mechanism to compare, having a following advantage:The first, the candor second, voluntarily sex.
30. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Suffocate my candor.
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