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Magnetic poles in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-04-18Updated:2017-04-18
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1, The north magnetic pole lies to the west of the geographic North Pole.
2, North magnetic poles repel .
3, For the past eleven years, the Sun's north geographic pole has also been home to its north magnetic pole.
4, For R N transitions they should have plotted the north magnetic pole.
5, He saw the shifting of the magnetic poles.
6, These regions of strong attraction are called magnetic poles.
7, North magnetic poles repel ( each other ).
8, The magnetic poles are far more restless.
9, The SL85 pulse wheel assembly is imprinted with magnetic poles that provide higher pulse counts than traditional gear tooth wheels.
10, The magnetic poles are quite distant from their geographic counterparts.
11, A few remarks are about the concept of magnetic poles.
12, In regions near the magnetic poles,[ poles.html] compasses are virtually useless.
13, The bar magnet helps easily identify different magnetic poles, and has the advantages of convenient location and use.
14, It is also a proven fact that the magnetic poles wander , literally zig - zagging around its axis.
15, All those complicated descriptions of magnetic poles and flow lines.
16, But a feature of each solar cycle is that the magnetic poles reverse.
17, A distinction between positive ( north ) and negative ( south ) magnetic poles of an electromagnet or permanent magnet.
18, The disposal of magnetic pole In order to decrease magnetic hysteresis loss [], Magnetic poles are put along the axes of rotor and magnetic flux parallel the axes of rotor.
19, The influence on the maximum transmittable torque from the number of magnetic poles, air gap, permanent materials, operating temperature, demagnetization and magnetic masking is studied.
20, Ancient climate, paleontology, paleomagnetism, etc. The study found the Earth's rotation pole and the Earth's magnetic poles existed in the geological era a wide range of movement.
21, These Saturnian aurora can cover the entire pole, while auroras around Earth and Jupiter are typically confined by magnetic fields to rings surrounding the magnetic poles.
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