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Lecherous in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: treacherousonerousnumerousgenerousprosperousdexterousdangerousponderousMeaning: ['letʃərəs]  adj. given to excessive indulgence in sexual activity. 
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1. He gave her a lecherous look.
2. She squealed like a tabby cat beneath the lecherous neighbourhood tom.
3. Her driving instructor was a disgusting lecherous old devil -- always touching her knee.
4. She ignored his lecherous gaze and scanned the sea of faces for Stephen.
5. He was as lecherous as always, telling rude jokes and trying to kiss all the girls.
6. So the kings and emperors must be very lecherous!
7. Given to or expressing lust; lecherous .
8. She ignored his lecherous gaze.
9. Lecherous person are difficult to succeed, because they are vulnerable in emotional troubles as well as interpersonal relations crisis.
10. But weeks lecherous nature, have a person to see his wife, the talented people are very interested in that woman.
11. JohnGay's 1728 play"The Beggar 's Opera"mockedthehypocrisy of lecherous aristocrats and politicians.
12. I let everyone believe he was a lecherous old man, and I got what I deserved.
13. The wife is cunning, deceitful, and lecherous,( and she is invariably up to some sort of jiggery-pokery with the dirty dog.
14. At the basis of traditional lecherous spirit, Wantanabe combines the modern humanistic concern in his creation and forms his unique outlook of love.
15. He joined with associates Creole lecherous master Thach killed and took away a Collection on the martial arts.
16. He's a lecherous old god by the name of Odin .
17. "Qiexi" is now slowly return to the original, lecherous men "appreciate" a woman's breasts up more opportunities.
18. So help me God if the big, lecherous looking turnip wasn't backing out of the alley in a limousine!
19. In the first , the performance of the lecherous literary tradition and the concept of sex of tolerance and openness in Murakami's novels is analysed.
20. Walter Carew had placed the painting of himself further down, dissociating himself from his weaker, lecherous, spendthrift brother.
21. I am a good guy! Then who is the most lecherous emperor in the history?
22. Therefore, their tryst in private, it is so often the two lecherous men and women are immersed in the enjoyment of cross-Huan.
23. Men enjoy all the beautiful bones, but do not mistake him lecherous .
24. The three main characters are stuck in awful work situations, with all-powerful bosses who are capricious, unfair and in some cases, lecherous.
25. Whether original or adapted after any of a work, is a niche label lecherous figure, only the monster fans, no self-awareness, an expert when the final shot before waking up to their errors.
26. He encountered in the river mermaid, the mermaid of the lecherous , he said: "I saw the whole incident, all I can to restore the status quo, if you are 15 in a row with my lover."
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