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Larva in a sentence

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Sentence count:114Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: starvationat regular intervalscarvemarvelstarveparvenuharveststarvingMeaning: ['lɑrvə /'lɑː-]  n. the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose. 
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1 A larva metamorphoses into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly.
2 A caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly.
3 The tadpole is the larva of the frog.
4 bacillus, bacilli * larva, larvae * criterion,[] criteria.
5 The larva hatches out and lives in the soil.
6 A larva metamorphose into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly.
7 After six weeks, the larva emerges as a fully-grown beetle.
8 There are three stages - larva, nymph and adult - each of which quite often feeds off a different host.
9 An ant-lion larva lies in wait at the bottom of its specially constructed pit.
10 The sea squirt larva is not the only filter-feeder with such a significant rod in its back.
11 When the larva first began to develop from the egg, its cells were segregated into two groups.
12 The entire body of the larva is being dismembered and reassembled.
13 The larva moults to give rise to the four-legged nymph, which, after five more days, becomes the adult mite.
14 Escamoles are the larva and pupa stage of the red ant.
15 The particular larva around which a mussel pearl forms lives in its adult stage in the eider duck.
16 The well-wrapped single egg then hatches, and the larva eats its home as its parent leaves.
17 Thus a dragonfly and its larva are both voracious eaters of their fellow creatures.
18 The average Vadinamian looks like an over-sized larva, boneless and segmented.
19 Make sketches of the larva or pupa, remembering to write the date in each drawing.
20 This larva eventually settles down on a rock, usually chalk or limestone, and grows the two valves of its shell.
21 The flat, free-swimming, ciliated larva of a coelenterate.
22 The larva hatches from the egg.
23 Silkworms are the larva of the mulberry silk moth.
24 Fertilization is external, producing free - living planula larva.
25 Backswimmer hunts larva . Now he's caught it.
26 It'shows the metamorphosis of a larva into a butterfly.
27 This, at least, is some suggestion of a backbone, but the larva does not keep it for very long.
28 It removes the cap of the cell containing a rotting larva, and it throws the larva away.
29 Fourteen days is the length of the life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult.
30 The complete set of drawings will show how much the larva grows.
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