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Enervating in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-03-31Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: enervateobservationreservationconservationconservatismconservativepreservationat intervalsMeaning: ['enɜːveɪt]  adj. causing debilitation. 
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1. Idleness enervates the will to succeed.
2. The hot sun enervated her to the point of collapse.
3. David felt too enervated to resist.
4. She was enervated from dissipation.
5. I find this heat very enervating.
6. She was enervated by the luxury of palace life.
7. A hot climate enervates people who are not used to it.
8. Or, maybe less tired than enervated.
9. He seems at first laconic and enervated, loathe to put a sentence together aloud.
10. Feeling at once enervated and threatened, the enterprise collectively hunkers into a defensive, self-protective posture.
11. Elsewhere, callow phrasing, smudged ensemble and enervated rhythms were commonplace.
12. The widespread collapse into an enervated self can not be attributed solely to the economic and social problems of our day.
13. Change for change's sake is stupid and enervating.
14. Life was hard and enervating.
15. After the operation she had been enervating for several hours.
16. Those were miserable, enervating months — all of which I spent stuck inside my mother's house.
17. The drugs they took were frequently enervating and prevented them from participating in the community and accessing the help and support needed for a full, active and satisfying life.
18. Immediately forgetting his worries and fatigue from the enervating day, Joran bounded forward, entering the beautiful fortress and ready to discover the treasure which awaited him.
19. First, though, whose kitchen table am I propped against with such enervating thoughts?
20. Russia needs to learn that in spite of their own enervating foreign wars and economic worries the members of the Western alliance can still unite in front of a challenge.
21. The downside: The city is still unaffordable for many(, and the less-pricey suburbs can impose enervating commutes.
22. As I explored the city over the last few days, quirks like these gradually loomed more endearing than enervating, and there were many of them.
23. As I rested and regained my strength from the enervating , though not unwelcome, experience with the group of bandits, I began examining the scrawlings of my notes and journals.
24. That is certainly true of America today as it struggles to cope with economic stagnation, enervating foreign wars and waning self-confidence.
25. The folds of her scarlet silk gown gave off the enervating smell of poppies.
26. The air of the place, so fresh in the spring and early summer,[Sentencedict] was stagnant and enervating now.
27. With very few exceptions, all the so-called Socialist and Communist publications that now (1847) circulate in Germany belong to the domain of this foul and enervating literature.
28. He was stark naked, and already his body was dripping perspiration from the enervating heat, coated blue with sand wherever sand had touched it. Elsewhere his body was white.
29. I think of Napoleon at St. Helena, and of Byron growing morose and fat in the enervating climate of Italy.
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