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Countervail in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2017-03-27
Similar words: countercounterfeiterencountercountermandcounteractcounterfeitcounterpartcounterpointMeaning: ['kaʊntəveɪl]  v. 1. compensate for or counterbalance 2. oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions. 
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1 However, there are countervailing pressures.
2 Time has often become a countervailing force against quality.
3 However, there are countervailing forces which might result in a lower volume of services.
4 How strong then is the countervailing public interest arising here in favour of allowing C.N.L. to make use of these documents?
5 The labour market is where countervailing power has most obviously grown.
6 The issue of countervailing measures was a particular point at issue during discussions.
7 The cache can countervail server load.
8 His skills countervail his opponent's superior strength.
9 How the management risk that countervail low hold the belt brings.
10 In civil litigation,( the defendant can offer to countervail creditor's rights in order to ban down creditor's litigant appeal.
11 There was nobody strong enough to lead an effective countervailing force against the dictator.
12 Their strategy is expansionist and im-perialist, and it is greatest in effect, of course, when there is no countervailing power.
13 But such benefits as we may find here and elsewhere entail countervailing disadvantages.
14 Although opposition to state action to alleviate poverty remained strong to the end of the century, countervailing pressures were growing.
15 It was this last, clearly tyrannical, action which stirred Anselm to take the only countervailing measure open to him.
16 A Common Law right was practically, though not theoretically, nullified by the existence of a countervailing equitable right.
17 Some companies in the industry are in trouble, but there are countervailing forces that will help others survive.
18 But the liberalising trends are not blind moves towards laissez-faire, but the product of many countervailing forces in the local society.
19 The pregnant woman with intentional wrong law, puerpera whether bear gravid , childbirth and postpartum a series of burdens, the key depends on function of cardiac acting countervail.
20 China's bankrupt system has formed many obstructions against the conversion of assets security in its "actual sale" and in its exertion of the rights of countervail and differentiation.
21 Does road of old make water affects the woman and distrustful kidney decline how should be acting countervail treated?
22 Restrain growth season network game and advertisement service battalion, partial countervail of gross profit embellish glide.
23 However, india buys goods continuously at least can partial ground countervail this one price slips.
24 People knows a common sense, it is good that the audition that is the blind often compares Everyman, is this why?Acting countervail calls action on medicine.
25 Article author is aimed at the different situation that produces from different period, introduced the understanding that records to weaving countervail is divided.
26 But if we had been sold for bondmen and bondwomen, I had held my tongue, although the enemy could not countervail the king's damage.
27 Santa Claus village of Tuopulan accepted it is common people the place of one countervail wish.
28 Now is programmer, think before is a laborer, one works with the head, one works with physical strength , I countervail passed...
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