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Jostling in a sentence

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Similar words: unsettlingcostlymostlyoutlinethe front lineclingrulingceilingMeaning: ['dʒɑsl /'dʒɒsl]  n. the act of jostling (forcing your way by pushing). 
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1. You get 2,000 people jostling each other and bumping into furniture.
2. Their seething resentment led to angry jostling between team-mates.
3. People were jostling, arguing and complaining.sentence dictionary
4. A thousand thoughts were jostling around inside my mind.
5. People in the crowd were jostling for the best positions.
6. Many cars lay jostling each other at the parking lot.
7. We spent an hour jostling with the crowds as we did our shopping.
8. They formed a warm jostling group of six.
9. Jostling among the crowd were temporary employees with hand-held adding machines, totaling sales while customers waited to be checked out.
10. Passengers were jostling each other at the news kiosk for the last remaining copies of the evening paper.
11. Compared to mere jostling for social position, fighting for females is a very important matter indeed.
12. The children moved forward, jostling to get to the front and see the magician.
13. Pigeons there on the parapet opposite, squabbling, jostling for position.
14. Spit down the back, an epileptic fit, a jostling. Keep your ears open.
15. And could this jostling liberate those huge energies?
16. On top of that, there was din and jostling.
17. These players are jostling for the basketball.
18. All the runners are jostling for first place.
19. It'seemed to her a ridiculous armada of tubs jostling in futility.
20. Since the fall of the government, the two opposition parties have been jostling for position.
21. She would start nearest to the door and work her way along the jostling, glistening, pouring swathes of colours.
22. The telephone rang again and both women hurried toward it, jostling each other in the doorway.
23. Through the open doorway Culley could see activity near the pit, and shadows jostling on the walls.
24. In the case of the marble statue, molecules in solid marble are continuously jostling against one another in random directions.
25. They immediately set about the task of pushing the jostling photographers away from the limousine.
26. Does it sound to you as though it would need a miracle to make randomly jostling atoms join together into a self-replicating molecule?
27. The paper claims this represents a serious challenge to other Risc vendors jostling for position in the software arena.
28. He stayed in the shadows as he passed the House of Mirrors with its queue stretching outside, everyone jostling for position.
29. The idealist withdrew himself, because he could not suffer the jostling of the human crowd.
30. Today, the highway's appearance minimal maintenance , as does the jostling ride produced by the rough surface.
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