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Bristling in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
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1) The helicopter hovered above them bristling with machine guns.
2) John pushed back his chair, bristling with rage.
3) Crew-cut Jay, bristling with rage.
4) Do I hear you bristling with disapproval?
5) The Carrera 4 is bristling with revolutionary ideas.
6) Off steps a brusque and bristling figure, carrying a kitbag and casual in a crew-neck sweater.
7) As usual they were lavishly equipped, bristling with the latest electronic gear, and kept in immaculate condition.
8) Bristling with energy, he made his case with a palpable if restrained anger.
9) The little office was fairly bristling with tension and expectation.
10) He fills it with a restless, bristling energy,( as if he might clamber out of the frame and into real life.
11) Advancing on a narrow front, the bristling schiltrons threw their opponents into confusion on such unfamiliar, unstable ground.
12) All this bristling weaponry was aimed at a line of about forty men standing against the wall.
13) A good picture, any picture, has to be bristling with razor blades. Pablo Picasso 
14) These bats are like miniature spy planes, bristling with sophisticated instrumentation.
15) Blake's composing and playing are, perhaps ironically, bristling with life.
16) The wedge-shaped capital ship is bristling with weapons emplacements.
17) Joe Johnston concept sketches included a ten-wheeled behemoth bristling with weapons and sporting a thin crow's nest at the very top.
18) Nelson , his whiskers bristling with anticipation, leads his trainer across a field.
19) Everything is hoary , grisly, bristling with merriment, swollen with the future, like a gumboil.
20) Dacourt joined us a few minutes later, his white moustache bristling with importance, his face a little more puce.
21) He was a stocky boy of middle height, with blue eyes, a bristling crew cut, and red cheeks.
22) She bit her lower lip to stifle the cry in her throat and felt the goosepimples bristling across her skin.
23) Slash'n'sideburn pop is what you get when Manc yoof grows up angry and facially bristling.
24) Contemporary accounts give the impression of a watchful, mistrustful regime, of a country bristling with fortresses and teeming with soldiers.
25) His interest is in pricking Prior Robert and Sub-Prior Herluin into bristling at each other with wattles glowing scarlet and throats gobbling rage.
26) Michael and his Mars transport crewmates are in a room bristling with screens, workstations and equipment.
27) Qualified academically to serve their people, they can not do so because of racial barriers bristling in their way.
28) It had massive legs, taloned claws and a long, powerful neck. Its body was covered in bristling, hair-like feathers, like those of the emu, and its beak resembled a broad-headed spear.
29) He sat at the end of a row, arms folded, crew cut bristling. His piercing blue eyes narrowed behind his black-rimmed glasses and focused unwaveringly on me.
30) Even above the hissing boom of the larchwood, that spread its bristling, leafless, wolfish darkness on the down-slope, she heard the tinkle as of tiny water-bells.
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