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Inverted in a sentence

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Similar words: converteddivertedinverseconvertinadvertentinadvertentlyinventinvestMeaning: [ɪn'vɜrtɪd /-'vɜːt-]  adj. 1. being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed 2. (of a plant ovule) completely inverted; turned back 180 degrees on its stalk. 
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1 He inverted the glass and the water ran out.
2 Cover the bowl with an inverted plate.
3 Only direct speech should go inside inverted commas.
4 In questions, the subject and verb are often inverted.
5 Inverted flight is an acrobatic maneuvre of the plane.
6 Inverted flight is an acrobatic manoeuvre of the plane.
7 The shape looked like an inverted V.
8 Her friends, in inverted commas, all disappeared when she was in trouble.
9 His dismissive attitude towards the rich is just inverted snobbery.
10 They're asked to make objective, in inverted commas, evaluations of these statements.
11 Attributes will normally be displayed within single inverted commas.
12 She taps on the desk with an inverted pencil and clears her throat.
13 I put the word in inverted commas to highlight a mystique about parenthood.
14 The aircraft had come to rest inverted in a ploughed potato field with the sail and engine on top of the pilot.
15 I was nicknamed Pune, an inverted pun on puny, a physical status I retained(, nomatterhow many press-ups I did.
16 We pass half-finished buildings, the inverted roots of reinforcing rods sprouting from concrete columns: the opposite of ruins.
17 B Fashionable trousers with inverted front pleats, belt loops and turn-ups.
18 These small copper alloy balances had an inverted T-shaped beam supported from its centre by a suspension arm.
19 Why does this inverted racialism not persecute Siamese kittens, I wonder?
20 Alternatively the violation can be inverted; like a black comedy, or the assertion of a stark revenge or retribution.
21 I as if see the level of the lake two person's happy inverted images.
22 Sick prisoners in the camp were 'cared for', in inverted commas, by guards, not nurses.
23 The manager showed us to our 'luxury apartment', in inverted commas.
24 Needless to say, she was not in the chorus as she had legs like inverted beer bottles.
25 He criticized Bevin for lack of imagination - surely an inverted compliment given its implication of positive contributions in the past.
26 The aft tank pump feeds the engines via an accumulator to give thirty seconds of full-power inverted flight at sea level.
27 An underpowered helicopter will rapidly decelerate as soon as you apply any control input and the model will come to a dead stop-probably inverted.
28 The interiors of these churches are tall and dark and bear strong similarities to inverted ships.
29 Yes,( in the sense that the lens produces an inverted image of the world on the back of the eye.
30 According to Dawes, an untrained Parametric Avalanche can balance an inverted pendulum on the first try.
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