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Acerbity in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: acrimonybitternessjaundicetartnessthorninessSimilar words: acerbicacerbexacerbateexacerbationexacerbatingorbitverbiageherbicideMeaning: [ə'sɜːbətɪ]  n. 1. a sharp bitterness 2. a sharp sour taste 3. a rough and bitter manner. 
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1. She was known for her acerbity, her cucumber sandwiches, and her insistence on decorum.
2. His acerbity to his daughter came home to roost.
3. My neck often rings, very acerbity, be cervical vertebra disease? Can you cure?
4. I often the eye is acerbity, and what my myopic degree increases is faster also.
5. The waist is excuse me acerbity, alvine object ache, leucorrhoea is shown sometimes farinaceous, have peculiar smell, it is what inflammation.
6. Get up in the morning acid of lumbar acerbity backache, shoulder, a headache?
7. Does this kind of acerbity fluid get enough whether strongly to dissolve this coin?
8. Why can acerbity sick at heart feel after I drank honey water?
9. Wake up these days of total acerbity backache how to return a responsibility?
10. Antimonial acerbity lead fizzles out with titanium: Belong to microtherm dye.
11. Does bead sand star treat armour locust acerbity handkerchief clap effect how?
12. Is acerbity memory of leg of 36 years old of lumbago drops premature senility?
13. Mustard of acerbity nitrogen of third of purine of Zun of azotic mustard, sulfur, benzene fight tumor medicaments to be able to cause temporary iron bead young cell anaemia is changed.
14. The biggest to amino acerbity demand still is animal feed additive.
15. Mouth insipidity, the stomach is a bit acerbity,( be how to return a responsibility?
16. And red acerbity branch still has little scope to rise, other annatto price does not have too big change.
17. Product of acerbity series of cyanogen make water shares 4 kinds big two breed.
18. Muscle of ministry of arm, back, leg can have acerbity sour to have the effect namely!
19. Using it will make your skin moistened and white, free from and acerbity.
20. Besides those aeruginous not ripe outside, some banana appearance are very yellow, but taste however fleshy qualitative hair is good[], even some hair are acerbity.
21. Acerbity persimmon breed is mostly on production at present, need is acerbity hind ability edible.
22. The land of area of state Bei Hua is a few limy clay, and get the influence of maritime climate, the grape here is so early, but thicker acerbity.
23. Say in findings report, the chemical contaminant that exists generally in French household is acerbity salt of formaldehyde, aldehyde, phthalein and DDVP.
24. That is too good, we will sit on the cloud tomorrow, won't the foot is acerbity.
25. In the meantime, the cheese ammonia in yoghurt is acerbity to alleviating psychological pressure passes big, high-strung causes with angst human body exhaustion has very great help.
26. Basic smell of the mankind has 4 kinds, namely flavour of sweet, acerbity, candy and moldy.
27. Commonly used androgen preparation has hydroxide of ketone of third acerbity spermary, fluorine methylic spermary element, 2 methyltestosterone, go inside hydrogenous Gao ketone ester.
28. It has dark color and sweet smell, medium sourness, well controlled aftertaste, no acerbity.
29. Pome grows ellipsoidal form, long 10-15 centimeter, deep yellow, provide burnish, pulp woodiness, flavour small acid, acerbity, have scent, have short fruit stem.
30. The Shangse that lowing cloth pulls tea is bright red, flavor tastily downy, the belt is beautiful sweet, acerbity taste is less.
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