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Convergence in a sentence

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Sentence count:247Posted:2016-11-28Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: divergenceSimilar words: convenienceemergencyconvertconverseconversionconversationurgencyconveyMeaning: [-dʒəns]  n. 1. the occurrence of two or more things coming together 2. the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit 3. a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena 4. the act of converging (coming closer). 
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1. It requires a genuine transformation or, perhaps, convergence.
2. A megalith marks a convergence point of Icy lines.
3. Eye convergence often inhibits the eye movements.
4. If there were a single currency without convergence, it would have several serious effects on the smaller countries.
5. The convergence of the techniques will cast light on perspectives and how they are controlled.
6. A new political convergence was occuring between East and West, from which Mrs Thatcher was excluded by her market liberalism.
7. What the New Critics emphasized was convergence within the text rather than deviation from an external standard.
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8. The unanswered question is whether economic convergence and the move towards monetary union are a self-reinforcing mechanism.
9. And it was this convergence that engendered a tradition among the working-class electorate of voting Labour.
10. A convergence of prophecies agrees that something big is coming soon, some end of cycle phenomenon.
11. The full implications of this convergence between state socialism and nationalism only became apparent after war broke out in 1914.
12. Then a speedy convergence of vehicles from nowhere, one of them a taxi converted into an ambulance.
13. There are resultant phasic convergence and retraction of the eyes.
14. Real convergence Despite the relatively good progress on fiscal and monetary policy(, progress on real convergence has been poor.
15. This convergence with traditional psychology is also expressed in an increasingly psychological approach.
16. We arrive at the degree of convergence necessary to the purpose of interaction and no more.
17. It is this convergence of class, gender, and race that makes a sweeping attack on one segment of society possible.
18. On many issues, the convergence with the Liberal Democrats is so marked that there may be mileage in cross-party initiatives.
19. Our focus is on the convergence of business acumen, strategy, technology directions, and capital requirements.
20. Europe's economies have converged in several areas. More interestingly, there has been convergence in economic growth rates.
21. We feel it is worth noting how this particular problem was solved, using techniques to reduce the error after convergence.
22. These equations affect inputs, memory, recall, determination of energy levels, convergence, and stability.
23. Within this range, it is relatively easy to achieve off-line training, convergence, and modification.
24. She is, in her professional capacity, the site of convergence of many discourses but the generator of none.
25. The Council's power to issue policy recommendations under stage two has been in existence since the convergence decision in 1974.
26. Complexity is also a feature of those real-life markets in which convergence also is neither swift nor automatic.
27. Yoo believes that in recent years he can detect a convergence between pentecostalism and minjung theology.
28. The deadlines refer to the time at which the convergence conditions will be examined.
29. One very obvious form is the volcanism of island arcs and continental-margin orogens associated with plate convergence.
30. In terms of its narrow definition in the Maastricht Treaty, convergence has been surprisingly successful.
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