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Yin in a sentence

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Sentence count:173Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vyingsayingtryingfryingslayingcloyingplayingoutlyingMeaning: n. the dark negative feminine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology. 
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1 One example was yin and yang.
2 One yin and one yang make the whole, tao.
3 According to ancient ideas, the balance of yin and yang forces comprise an organic whole.
4 In the future, perhaps all groups will be yin and yang: in perfect harmony.
5 An Oriental circle of yin and yang; no aggressor, no conquest.
6 The balance of yin and yang are present throughout the universe and in the natural balance of all creatures upon our planet.
7 In its yin aspect, it is the soft receptivity of femininity, of true womanhood.
8 YIN MINGSHAN is a Chinese tightrope walker.
9 Yin Ge, Iron Horse, drums contention.
10 Luxi Alu Ancient Cave Fair Worshiping Kwan - yin.
11 The cultivation of anubis: warm,( moist and half Yin.
12 Yin lungs and good, porridge plus Tremella.
13 Yin ignored them, and kept reciting his sutra.
14 Zhiwei's daughter, Yin is abducted by Wenhua 's gang.
15 Gook idea, Liu Yin , we certainly must.
16 Sapphire, Yin line with hollow out, for single double dragon, dragons in S, smooth lines, visible tiny jump.
17 Is suitable in the lung hot Yin deficient result cough expectorate, the mouth swallows dry does, pulmonary tuberculosis cough and so on.
18 During the process of Tieh Kuan Yin, theine evaporates with moisture and frost coagulates.
19 Many figures of Kuan Yin can be identified by the presence of a small image of Amitabha in her crown.
20 It is argued that supplementingnourishing yin andblood is the essential treatment method of hemorrhagic apoplexy.
21 The canvas Yin Xiang Ri Chu is the cornerstone of impressionistic paintings.
22 Taiping Scriptures takes the theory on Yin and Yang as the philosophic base of Taoism, and expounds the theology and religious doctrine with it, implying lots of brilliant thoughts on woman rights.
23 Like the Confucians, the Taoists reinterpreted for their own use the general notions of yin, yang, and tao.
24 And he comprehended fully how great is the benevolence of the boundlessly compassionate Kuan Yin.
25 Perhaps the ginseng had altered the balance of his Yin and Yang, which can do absolutely anything to a man.
26 The force of the principle of yang predominates in youth; that of yin, later, and increasingly in old age.
27 Rhizome anemarrhena, sweet and bitter to taste, cold, in the lung, stomach and kidney meridian, has the function clearing away heat and purging pathogenic fire, nourishing Yin and moistening dryness.
28 Block a country house, dusk Ju Dou Ming - yin sit - in.
29 The lucid ascends to form the heaven while the turbid Yin descends to constitute the earth.
30 If your answer is YES, then come along and Osteopath Lee Mei Yin will explain how osteopathy can help you.
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