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Infrastructure in a sentence

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Synonym: basesubstructureSimilar words: structurestructuralinstructconstructinstructordestructioninstructionconstructingMeaning: [ˈɪnfrəstrʌktʃə]  n. 1. the basic structure or features of a system or organization 2. the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area. 
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1. Vast sums are needed to maintain the infrastructure.
2. Japanese proprietors are erecting a complex infrastructure of political influence throughout America.
3. The country's infrastructure is crumbling because of inadequate investment.
4. The war has badly damaged the country's infrastructure.
5. It is a long-term task to rebuild the infrastructure of a war-torn country such as Angola.
6. Some countries lack a suitable economic infrastructure.
7. Deficiencies in the local infrastructure were assumed to be the principal cause of community distress.
8. A major change in the infrastructure will therefore produce a corresponding change in the superstructure.
9. So(, some aspects of the technical infrastructure for electronic commerce are already in place.
10. Global information distribution networks represent the infrastructure crisscrossing countries and continents.
11. Many others provide the basic infrastructure on which towns and industries depend.
12. Schools and other infrastructure had been destroyed and society disrupted during the armed struggle.
13. I know that he appreciates the importance of infrastructure improvements to stimulate and encourage inward investment.
14. The reality of living here without the social infrastructure they're culturally used to would probably send a Blairy into trauma.
15. The Defendants counter argument that this infrastructure information did not constitute a record either was not allowed by the Court.
16. Quinn explains that spending on roads and other infrastructure accounts for most of the deficit.
17. Much of the state-owned industrial infrastructure is beyond repair.
18. He also undertook to earmark $ 235 billion in government expenditure on infrastructure projects within five years.
19. The industry was accused of having invested little in workers, plant or infrastructure.
20. Although South Africa has many of the attributes of the first world-some good infrastructure, millions of rich people-it is still not part of that world.
21. A small modern city on the move, I thought, with all the necessary infrastructure.
22. They have developed accounting methods that force politicians to maintain the programs and infrastructure they build.
23. The Commission was attempting by these measures to reduce the past bias towards spending on large infrastructure projects favoured by national governments.
24. This in itself raises issues of how the information infrastructure can best serve two models at once.
25. The future, therefore, lies in intellectual co-operation and communication as much as in network infrastructure. 13.
26. Finally, the corporation has become more interested in investing in social infrastructure.
27. Alstom is also extending the product family concept to infrastructure elements, introducing two ranges of signalling equipment.
28. There are basic services, including good public transportation, sanitation, a sound infrastructure.
29. Then there are the implications that an excessive number of cars have on society s infrastructure.
30. The Opposition have made absolutely no commitment to provide free phones or to increase public expenditure on telecommunications infrastructure in any way.
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