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Inebriate in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-04-04Updated:2017-04-04
Synonym: beatifydrunkdrunkardexaltexhilaratehit it upintoxicaterummysoaksotsousethrillwinoSimilar words: inebriatedinebriationstriatedinfuriaterepatriateexpatriateinfuriatedexpropriateMeaning: [ɪ'nɪːbrɪeɪt]  n. a chronic drinker. v. 1. fill with sublime emotion; tickle pink 2. make drunk (with alcoholic drinks) 3. become drunk or drink excessively. 
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1. In her inebriated state, she was ready to agree to anything.
2. Scott was obviously inebriated by the time the dessert was served.
3. Following the Sunday events, Joe saw a thoroughly inebriated Longworth off on the overnight train.
4. Inebriate of air am I.
5. To rise thither with my inebriate Soul!
6. Drinking tea can inebriate people in summer.
7. BE who, inebriate the dance rouge tears clothes in the ?
8. At this happiness inebriate a person of time, both parties' in the minds all without previous arrangement think: What shape does he (she) grow?
9. Some tiny inebriate, he like a baby last smiled and rattled on about the past, also stand up by waving his hands.
10. Don't in the wine inebriate an idea of Weng:Afterwards, his notice everyone attend his wedding and detection his wife be the beautiful ticket agent of that bus.
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. At this happiness inebriate a person of time, both parties' in the minds all without previous arrangement think:What shape does he grow?
12. "Account of Inebriate Pavilion", "Account of Yueyang Building" and "A Tale of Lotus Lover" were widely read as masterpieces for tourism and leisure, and for history and culture.
13. Melt feeling in language teaching, stir up a student to"inebriate" a language, make thus language classroom teaching to attain to open but have vitality, the instruction student learn good language.
14. Wounded hurt their heart in... Eyes tiny inebriate, alone, the cabinet.
15. It would not be the last time that people filled with the pentecostal spirit would be dismissed as inebriated.
16. In a written statement, the Navy said the sailor was inebriated when he returned to the ship.
17. With his left arm he gave Billie a clumsy and rather inebriated embrace, and tipped his glass to Albert.
18. Full-bodied voice, is that the old good brandy is general, takes a son to inebriate the person's flavor.
19. The outsider sees to him is happy, can I know that he is drinking bitterness wine and intentionally wants to inebriate.
20. The feeling is sweet, is a moving heart soul of, inebriate person's soul.
21. Instant two personal eclipses arise and immediately entered still and inebriate Xuan in front of a positive creating in.
22. From man's betrayal, This text will study the love of Inebriate World of Mortals on the analysis of the leading character's image.
23. Full-bodied voice, is that the old good brandy is common, takes a son to inebriate the person's savor.
24. "Wen son, you await here, I quest big ice-cubes apology" Yi snow more thinks more uneasy, directly rush out to inebriate fairy building.
25. Genuine feeling is the evening that the setting sun falls in to inebriate totally every time!
26. That evening, The boy drank much wine but he didn't inebriate, therefore didn't become careless.
27. Pile it on, is a kind of state, is a kind of personality to make open of develop, can let the person's primitive pursued to emerge thoroughly, do not inebriate endlessly.
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